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Off Topic / Mae Logic
« on: July 13, 2019, 08:16:58 AM »
Why you do dis mae

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Suggestions / Thoughts and Opinions about MCP
« on: May 26, 2019, 09:33:53 AM »
 I want to start a conversation about MCP's current versions, past versions and what worked for you. I think it's important for us to stay connected with the player base and find out the reasons players stay, the reasons they leave and what we can do as a community to strengthen MCP. I want some critical thoughts about what you love about MCP and what you simply despise. I would like some thoughtful responses from everyone.  My hope is to make improvements to how things are done to create a better playing environment for all while still keeping MCP what you've come to know and love.

Please fill something out similar to this format.

 What do you love about about MCP?:

 What improvements can we make?:

 What kept you coming back to MCP?:

 If you left what would be the reason for doing so?:

 Any additional information you'd like to add:

Thanks a bunch! ~DogTag93

Off Topic / Who likes wasting time?
« on: February 04, 2019, 09:41:35 PM »
Found this Gem, enjoy only being able to hear my side of the conversation.

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<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Bug Reports / Forums Bug
« on: January 01, 2019, 10:41:35 AM »
I don't know if this only effects old post or both old and new posts but some punctuation make some strange effects.  Here is an example from Dragons post. Looks like it's the [ ' ] key doing it.

Two years ago Monday, I was looking for an old prison server that I used to play on a long time ago. In that search I came upon MCP and just planned on leaving once I figured out if it was the server I was looking for or not, after looking around and talking to a few players I realized this was not the server I had been looking for. However, in my first 20 minutes, I had been told to go off myself, got lava poured on me in a cell, and got thrown in solitary. All the great attributes of a prison server, which I missed dearly, and decided I would try the server out. 
In the past two years, I have gotten over 1300 hours of playtime. 54 Days worth of playtime out of 730 total days being apart of MCP.  600+ of those hours have been spent as Evevet’s personal punching bag and Silas’s slave. I’ve been guard three times, reaching A-Guard once, B-Guard twice, and C-Guard, three times. I have been banned over 120 times, (105+ last version alone.)  35 different staff members have been demoted 42 times in the past two years, only one due to me reporting a member (Never forget Mit) and I have applied for staff 14 times, being rejected 11 of those times. I have won over 300 events with the majority being sky dive and laser tag. I have voted over 5700 times (All time server high) and have opened over 1500 crates. I’ve made many friendships, and have broken many friendships. I’ve learned a lot that I would’ve never learned and have been pushed beyond limits and didn’t think were breakable. Hopefully when I make my three years post next year the number of staff applications hasn’t gone up.

Off Topic / Heads up on harassment and bullying.
« on: December 06, 2018, 11:51:49 AM »
It came to my attention today while talking to a player that there has been excessive amounts of teasing that's turned into bullying of a user. I want to apologize to the user for not noticing how out of hand it had gotten. I understand some amount of toxicity is normal here on MCP and we are all guilty of it at one point or another. I think it's important to note that this is just a game in the larger scheme of things and we shouldn't try to take it so seriously to the point of bullying someone off the server.

It's the holidays and we should be more giving as a community. It's okay not to like someone but going to the extent to constantly make a point to insult a user is going too far. If I continue to see or hear about more bullying I will start handing out bans and fines. If someone has to come to me even after they've used /ignore we are going to have an issue. This also goes for players retaliating to the bullying. If you feel that things are getting out of hand don't treat them the same way they treat you or I will punish you both.

I will reach out to the users involved to resolve the issue before a punishment is necessary.

Overall we should be doing everything we can to let this community grow and this goes for everyone, especially the veteran players.

Suggestions / Idea for Baron Players Decorative heads and/or Donation Pack
« on: November 09, 2018, 12:07:51 PM »
1. Is your idea logical? I believe it is to the more creative bunch of us.
2. Could it be done easily? Yup, the majority of the work can be done by me or Wardens.
3. Has something like it been done before?  Only partially during the holidays.
4. Has this idea been suggested before? Searching through the forums I didn't find anything quite like this.

I'm a player that likes to do a lot of big projects and decorating. Going through some of my older screenshots I released that I like to do a lot of decorating with player heads or holiday heads. I'm suggesting we create a shop for Citizen or Baron players that consist of decorative heads at a steep cost. These heads could be limited to only maybe 10 or 20 at a time and constantly be changed depending on the time of year and Wardens discretion. This would almost make them collectibles and something to strive for as a goal. You could also just use them to decorate your plots.

Likewise, we might also be able to have donor packs consisting of decorative heads in different categories such as Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's day and Easter. We could even do packs like plot decor or just common blocks.

Let me know what you guys think. 

Off Topic / Guardly Gazette SoonTM
« on: October 23, 2018, 04:50:05 PM »

Off Topic / It has begun
« on: October 21, 2018, 02:48:19 PM »

Bug Reports / Spleef didn't give me a shovel.
« on: September 06, 2018, 02:24:37 PM »
What is the bug:  I entered spleef today and wasn't given a shovel while the other player was.
Where is this bug located: Event Spleef.
How can we recreate it: It seems to be a rare occurrence but it seems that I just got unlucky. Not sure if it's repeatable.

Staff Reports / MasterOvie bypass tempmute.
« on: August 02, 2018, 12:49:22 PM »
MasterOvie and Mitsuo were going back and forth arguing in chat. I informed both that they needed to stop or they would receive an instant 5m mute. After LittleLea muted Mitsuo for being toxic, I stressed to MasterOvie that he is Staff and arguing with another player wasn't the solution. After a couple of minutes, both of them continued to argue again. Coordinating with LittleLea, I muted MasterOvie for 5 min for "Don't start" and Mitsuo was muted for the same thing by LittleLea. MasterOvie instantly unmuted himself bypassing the tempmute.

Maybe in hindsight, a ban would have been more appropriate for Mitsuo but MasterOvie was engaging in the argument as well and I didn't think a ban was appropriate. Two seasoned players shouldn't be acting this way.

Abuse/Hacking Reports / Free World Lag Machine/Chicken grinder.
« on: July 26, 2018, 11:20:20 AM »
It looks like someone made an afk pool next to a chicken dispenser machine. Just South of spawn LittleLea discovered an area where her computer would just freeze. Me and Miner investigated the problem and discovered a machine that would constantly spawn chickens. I killed the chickens and dismantled the area and kept the remainder of the eggs in the nearby chests.

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Staff Applications / DogTag93's Moderator Application
« on: July 24, 2018, 09:23:28 PM »


Eastern Standard Time(EST)

How Long Have You Played On MCP?
Just Over a year.

Have You Ever Been: Banned, Muted, Kicked?
All of the above.

If You Have Been, Why, And For How Long?
None of which were for legitimate reasons.

What is your current playtime on the server?
461 Hours, up over one hundred hours since my last application.

When can you play on MCP?
In the past, I put most mornings and nights but those were the hours I'd play minimally. Honestly, I play on the server whenever I'm not sleeping or not at work. I usually work nights between the hours of 3pm and 10pm but If I'm not working, there is a strong chance I'm spending a good slice of my day here.

What is your rank on the server?
My current rank is Baron

Why Should We Pick You To Be Our Next Moderator?
Minecraft Community Prison is the place I spend the majority of my free time. I enjoy playing and interacting with the community because this place is kind of like my home away from home and I want to see it grow! Regardless of who you are, even if historically I've had issues with certain people on the server I still manage to have meaningful conversations with them. I won't go as far as saying I'm unbiased, but I do get along and play with everyone, I don't see myself belonging to one group of people. I accept criticism and will always strive to help the community. I do really care about this place and to me, it is very disheartening to see players who join only to cause chaos and really make the experience an unenjoyable one. I do understand the rules thoroughly and reread them quite often for any updates or changes.

Additional Information:
I understand I've been denied in the past; lastly because the server needs more variety of staff. I'm not exactly sure what that means but I will try to address it anyways. I will admit that when it comes to the other staff members that I am close to all of them, particularly Maelonic, LittleLea and Miner01; that's no secret. Instead of seeing that as a weakness or a reason I should be denied, I see it as a strength. I have a strong connection with all the staff and I talk pretty thoroughly with all of them. I've learned through watching them what is appropriate and what is not. I know what is expected of me and where the line is drawn. I feel that I can take on this position maturely and give people a fair and caring moderator. I've been here awhile and I'm pretty familiar with the rules, even the more rather unspoken ones. I promise to try my best and give the server a moderator it deserves. Tiss but a scratch

Thank you for taking the time to read my application.

~ Dogtag93

Off Topic / I made a grave yard.
« on: July 23, 2018, 11:34:43 PM »
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Off Topic / Custom Skins & Unofficial MCP Textures.
« on: July 21, 2018, 06:58:10 PM »

Just a heads up, the unofficial textures for MCP aren't going to be a thing. For right now the pack is not allowed. I'm going to continue making it but until it is approved by Silas or there is a means to add it to a resource pack without the use of mods (Optifine) I'm not going to be able to share it with everyone.

~~Custom Skins & Forums Avatars~~

On the upside, for those who are interested, I'm willing to make custom Minecraft skins for people who want them, as well as avatars for use on the forums or any other media you chose to use. For either just give me a short description of what you want (within reason) and I will attempt to make it for you. It's completely free but any donations in-game are welcome! In the past I've made posts of the types of things I do. Go ahead and look at my previous posts to get an Idea.

- Thanks!

- Dogtag93

Off Topic / Unofficial MCP Textures Update.
« on: July 13, 2018, 09:40:23 PM »
Please read everything! :D

A lot of what I'm about to say it going to be a copy and paste from the first post so bear with me.

I just want to throw this out there for the people who would be interested in seeing some custom textures specifically made for MCP custom items. If you feel strongly about this please let me know and also give feedback! It helps. I've created the first release version of this texture pack with some custom textures commonly seen MCP Items. If you wish to see more let me know. I am currently working to get every custom texture in the game and at this point, I've been doing this at random. If there is something specific you want me to work on first let me know and I will put it on the top of the priority list. This release version is incomplete, only a fraction of all the custom items are actually in the pack; I will list the completed items below.

The Items I have retextured are the following

Panda's Bamboo
Boys Carrot-y pick,
Dragon's Lisp
Everlasting gobstopper
Zs's Healing Axe
Hot potato
Killah's Collapsed Heart
Maes Cold Heart
Mae's Rage
Mayos War Axe
Morgul Blade
Nators Plunger
Prison Shank
Colored Coordinated Mob Shard
Jelly Slippy Slime
Taser Charges
Panda's Thunderbolt
Unbreaking Shovel
Vipers Bain
Warden key
Warden Truncheon
Waters Watergun
Weaponised disk
Whoog Brand Bread
Youngs Katana

With more on the way, Including Custom Armors and weapons. I also plan on getting the items in the smuggler's menu to look like their respective items. This also goes for the rest of the items in the help menus.Inside the pack there exist a couple of texture I could not verify if they were working due to constraints by not having the item myself. Items I currently have textured but need to see to program are Dalgamings Purple Thunder Sword, Donnys Bat, Scare's British Tea, Silas Armor, Zeedin Armor, Akitas Scepter.

For Apple, I have added in a small sample for you guys to play with. Take a regular apple and do "/rename Apple King" without the quotations. The texture will change to an apple wearing a crown. This only shows what I will be able to do with this pack. Like I said before I would like to add custom textures for aesthetic reasons to make things more interesting. 

Requirements and restrictions!

Download and install the latest working version of Optifine that goes with your version of Minecraft. I've personally tested multiple version of Minecraft an Optifine and it works just fine.

At this moment in time, I'm not releasing the pack out of due to possible complications that could occur while using the pack. I'm currently trying to work things out with the wardens but only time will tell if I'm allowed to release it or not. Be sure to show your support to encourage the wardens to consider the idea.In the meantime, I think it's important to name out a couple of rules that might lessen the effect of the complications that could occur.

1. If the pack does get released I feel it is important that it doesn't affect the rules or how the game is played. Unless Wardens say otherwise Guards are still required to call contraband even if they know it's not because of the textured contraband items and regular items.

2. Having contraband and not realizing it can be able another issue. If I release the pack I will make a list of items and what they actually are so people will know what they are showing to people the who don't have the pack. I know in the case of Zs's healing axe is actually a sword. Even though In the pack I made it look like an Axe it is still technically a sword and should be treated as such. If you use the pack and you get called for contraband it is your own fault for not knowing the difference.

3. The last issue this pack can have is accidentally selling or using your item in a way that makes you sell it or destroy it. Again I will post below if the pack can be released of which items can be broken through placing it or which items can still be accidentally sold. I recommend that you take all special items out of your inventory before you sell anything or build. If you lose your items it will be your own fault.

Please support this pack if you like it by commenting and +1 the post. Fill free to criticize anything you don't like, especially the textures. This is for the community so it would be a shame if I don't make something you like.

Enjoy the small amount of what I have done so far.

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