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Useful commands for MCP
« on: September 21, 2015, 07:57:48 PM »
Useful Commands for MCP

Useful commands for regular players

/tips - Lists useful commands, good for new players.
/help - Opens a GUI which contains answers to many of the questions asked by new players.
/ts - Displays the link for CDGS Teamspeak.
/vote - Displays the vote link which rewards you with money and points.
/as - Lists AreaShop commands, AreaShop is used for buying/selling plots, adding/removing players from plots, and listing regions.
/ps - Opens the point shop, used for buying items with points or converting bug tokens.
/points - Tells you how many points you have.
/playtime - Tells you how much playtime you have.
/spawn - Teleports you to your rank's spawn.
/server [ServerName] - Allows you to switch servers or if you just type /server it will list the CDGS servers.
/skill - Tells you what your level your drug creation skills are (These are set to 0 every time you die).
/addiction - Tells you what level of addiction you have to drugs.
/drugs - Tells you whether or not you're going to die if you continue to take drugs.
/suicide - Kills you.
/c - Lists chestkeeper commands.
/f - Lists faction commands
/home [HomeName] - Teleports you to specifed home if you have one set.
/sethome [HomeName] - Sets a home with specified name.
/delhome [HomeName] - Deletes specified home.
/rename [Name] - Renames the item in your hand, costs experience.

Guard Commands

/warp - Opens a GUI which allows you to warp around the prison.
/jail [Player] [Time] [Reason] - Jails a player for the written amount of time with the written reason.
/unjail [Players] - Unjails specified player.
/kit [KitName] - Gives you specified kit, kit food has 1m cooldown, kit GoldApple has a 15m cooldown, and kit (Whatever guard rank you are) equips your armor if it's damaged or you aren't wearing any, if your armor is full durability, it will remove your armor.
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