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What is your IGN? XxWhite_FirexX

When can you play on MCP? Weekdays 4-10pm on week days 10am-1am on Saturday 1-10pm on sunday

What is your timezone? Pacific Time (US & Canada)

What is your rank on the server? Citizen

Do you have any experience with other prison servers? Yes I have, I am A Owner of one

Do you have any experience with guarding? Give a list of servers and your guard rank: Yes i Do

Have you read both the guard rules and the prisoner rules, even the ones in the info room? Yes, Some of the rules are, do not kill without a reason, follow all chats rules, respect all players and staff, Do not Create Swords to sell, ALSO DO NOT ABUSE KIT GUARD, Do Not Use Hacks, Do not ask For wardens to check your app, You must jail people for the correct times, Wear Chain at all times,follow all moderating rules, you may jail players for,
Having a sword -5min, Having a bow -5min, Having Chain -15min, having negative splash potions -5min, PvP Abuse -15min, Excessive PvP 15-min. "Sedimentary Torch"

Why should we pick you to be out next guard? Well For Starters I am on a lot when guards are offline also i like to protect, i also am good at developing Servers(Prison), Also Because i love this server, i am also a very Serious person, but also i am Helpful and friendly to the newer players. I also know how newer players feel about being spawn killed when they try to do stuff and i would like to help stop this