Author Topic: How To Report An Abuse/Mistake Done By A Staff Member [Read Before Posting]  (Read 3714 times)

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If you have seen a staff member abuse on MCP, report them here. You MUST use the correct format when reporting a staff member. You MUST have proof! Proof would be a video or screenshots of the staff member abusing.

In the subject line, you must put the name of the abuser. The body of the thread should look like this:

Copy this text and paste it in this sub forum.

Code: [Select]
Your IGN:
Abuser?s IGN:
Abuser?s rank:
What the abuser was doing:
When this happened: (Include date and timezone)
Proof: (insert an image or video here)
Additional info:

Here is an example:

Your IGN: Silas_Bowen
Abuser?s IGN: jonwink
Abuser?s Rank: Warden
What the abuser was doing: Destroyed prison region
When this happened: Jan. 1, 2014
Additional info: Jonwink destroyed the prison region and thus should be demoted.

Do not post false reports or joke reports. Doing so may result in getting banned.

Any screenshot that is cropped/edited will result in a banning of your account.
We can only assume you are using "hacks" or trying hide other important information.
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