Author Topic: MCP Discord Reward System Tutorial  (Read 292 times)

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MCP Discord Reward System Tutorial
« on: June 16, 2020, 06:44:03 PM »
A few players have been having issues with the Discord Reward System, so I figured I would create a tutorial for those that are having trouble.

Step 1: Use the command /RewardLink on the Prison Server
Spoiler for Hidden:

The server should then message you a number:
Spoiler for Hidden:

Step 2: Find the "CDGS_Rewards" bot under the "Bots" rank on Discord. Right click on the CDGS_Rewards bot and click message. This will open a private message channel between you and the bot.
Spoiler for Hidden:

Step 3: Message "!link <YourIDHere>" to the bot. You should then immediately get a reply identical to the one in the image below. 
Spoiler for Hidden:

You may then join any Discord voice channel in the CDGS Server except for the AFK channel in order to start receiving rewards. Rewards are given out every time you login to the server, as well as a certain interval once you're on the server.


Q: I have linked my account with the CDGS_Rewards bot with no errors and have been in a discord channel but I am not receiving rewards!
A: Disconnect from Discord voice. This should refresh the time you have been in a discord channel and will give you a reward at the next scheduled interval given you are due a reward. You will never need to relog in the Minecraft Server itself to refresh your time, however relogging will always check if a reward is due.

Q: Will Discord Tokens be given in Events?
A: Because your inventory should always be cleared between events, no, Discord Tokens should never be given during events to prevents players from losing their tokens.

Q: I messaged "!link <ID>" to the bot but nothing happened or the message is different from yours!
A: You either messed up typing your ID or the bot is having some trouble. If you are sure your ID is right and the error persists, contact an admin.

Q: I linked my Minecraft Account with the other Discord bot. Do I need to link to this bot as well?
A: Yes, the bots are unrelated and you will not receive Discord Tokens if you do not link your account with the CDGS_Rewards bot.

Q: I received a Discord Token. Now what?
A: use /ps or /pointshop on the Minecraft server to open a GUI that allows you to trade a token for a point, similar to bug token claims.

Q: I forgot my ID while trying to link my account in Discord. What do I do?
A: On the Minecraft server, use the command /RewardID. It will send you your ID if you ever forget it.

If there are any other questions or concerns feel free to ask.

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Re: MCP Discord Reward System Tutorial
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2020, 09:43:36 PM »
CDGS_Rewards has been acting very aggressive towards me lately. How do I stop this bot from harassing me like this?