Author Topic: Cpt_PandaPantz's Moderator Application  (Read 417 times)

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Cpt_PandaPantz's Moderator Application
« on: March 21, 2022, 04:04:56 AM »
Age (as of now): 30

AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
This makes me a perfect candidate for the "night shift".

How Long Have You Played On MCP?
A proud member since May 2017.

What is your current playtime on the server? (/playtime)
For this version currently sitting on 7 hours but lifetime in the server is roughly 2999.5 hours. I am working on gaining more playtime since my extended break because life got in the way, once again Panda is officially back and here to stay!

Have You Ever Been: Banned, Muted, Kicked? If You Have Been, Why, And For How Long?
Yes, but this feels like a life time ago. It was back in 2017 during my first month on the server - I believe it was due to some economy exploit.. okay I admit it.. I was a bad panda.. but Tiss but a scratch on my record.. I was punished fairly, served my time and even made a name for myself in within the MCP family and community.

What is your rank on the server?
Baron & Donator

Why Should We Pick You To Be Our Next Moderator?
As a previous moderator to the server, I believe I am quite equipped in this field as I have proven twice before in this role (on two separate occasions) that I have the understanding and skill to implement the rules when needed, to guide and assist new players when required. I am always friendly in and love to have a chat. You can trust that if I am given the chance once again to join the team, you will not be disappointed.

Additional Information:
Since joining back in 2017, I instantly called MCP "Home", I was welcomed by a team of incredible staff who were very friendly and informative. I would love to be considered in being part of this experience for other new players again. I am a dedicated player and even though I have taken an extended break from the server due to personal reasons. This time away from the server allowed me to refresh and reset myself and it was exactly what I needed to be able to return and continue to do what I loved doing. I would absolutely loved to be considered for when the position opens back up! Surely you can't go wrong with having this amazing Aussie on the team :)  emotTHEDREAM

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Re: Cpt_PandaPantz's Moderator Application
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2022, 12:26:54 PM »
No mods
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Re: Cpt_PandaPantz's Moderator Application
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2022, 02:30:58 PM »
Currently not denied, status pending temporarily

serrian doesn't deserve +15/-7 karma, he wishes he could deny apps. Serrian is never getting staff again lmao