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MCP Alert Weekly News
« on: March 18, 2022, 11:39:31 PM »

X-Rayer’s Anonymous

Over the past week, many players have been banned for the use of X-Ray. Girlsrock513, Godt9, Urabm all banned in the span of a week. Should we just stop x-raying? No. As of today we are starting a new program to help x-rayers, not only to stay out of trouble, but also to look less suspicious when using their x-ray. If you’re interested please contact CutMyWrists in game for meeting times, location and further information. When we reached out to CutMyWrists for comment he stated, “It’s time we end the stigma surrounding the use of x-ray. It’s not hurting other players, and the purpose of XRA is to offer those players who do x-ray a safe space to discuss their findings, share their own x-ray packs, and get help from others on how to make the most profit from doing it.”

JaggMasters Shop in Courtyard

While combing the streets of MCP I stumbled across a shop, in truth it reminded me of a small, humble Ma and Pa shop from back in my childhood. And to my surprise they offer some of the greatest prices to be found on the server. Need TNT? A Dragon Egg for those boss fights? Blaze Rods to avoid the Nether? Or maybe Experience Bottles, perhaps fireworks of all durations. Looking to sell those pesky iron and gold ores? JaggMaster’s shop in Courtyard, right outside of C to the left, has it all. I stopped in looking for some of the harder to find items and for such a small shop they had it! Arguably the best shop on the server with the best prices to be found.

Edit: Their shop will soon be selling crates as well.

Jizzy_Pillow Update

An update to a story we reported on in last weeks edition of MCP Alert Jizzy_Pillow has reached Citizen Rank. He has made claims in the past that Citizen Mine was severely underrated in terms of money making and he set out to prove his point. When we reached out for a comment from him he stated, “I think the citizen mine is underrated but it takes more effort to mine.” We hope Jizzy_Pillow the best in reaching Baron Rank if that is indeed what is in store for the MCP Legend in the future.

Guard Update

In Guard news, Mitsuo_Wolfblood, and GoldEagle12 were promoted to C-Guard, while ItsKelinu and Jaymahzah were promoted to B-Guard. There have been plenty of Guard Applications submitted to pick from, so we may soon see another player join the rank of Guard. On the other side TheTrueLoner has quit from C-Guard, more on this player coming in a future episode.

In somewhat related news, Owner Silas_Bowen has made an official statement regarding Moderators.

“We have no intention of accepting Moderators right now.”

BBQ Flop

With the growing neighborhood behind B-Block in the Plot Wing it was only a matter of time before someone attempted to bring all their neighbors together in a celebration of sorts. On March 11, 2022 MondoChief posted a thread, in the Off Topic section of the forums, announcing the “EastSide Neighborhood BBQ” set for Sunday, March 13, at 8PM EST. Along with the BBQ there was a planned raffle with 3 different winners. Now while it seems like a fun time nobody showed up according to our sources.

What could have possibly gone wrong? According to the poll at least 4 people said yes they would be showing up for the BBQ while 3 voted No they would not be showing up. And leading the poll was 9 Maybes. Perhaps it could have been planned to be closer to the Custom Block party on the same day and more would have shown up, perhaps not.

Future Rank In The Works?

On Wednesday, March 16, Owner Silas_Bowen made an announcement in the feedback-pings channel of the Discord asking everyone to come up with a new rank name above Baron. The requirements were straight forward, “Not hierarchical but represents status.” The reward if it is chosen is currently 50 Crates or the rank for free when it is released. While there were a few suggestions, they left quite a lot to be desired. On top of name suggestions some even went further and suggested ways to achieve the rank, stating it should cost more than simply money. While the perks for the future rank aren’t concrete yet from what we’ve heard from our sources the rank should be very worth the grind to achieve.

How The Mighty Fall

The Courtyard has always been one of, if not the best, place to put down your roots and create a home. Whether it be for building a shop, or a simple home to store your items. Even Santa himself would descend upon the Courtyard to leave presents for the plot owners on Christmas day. Which leaves this reporter asking, why has Courtyard fallen so badly?

These are the current corner plots on the server. One empty, one quartz and stone brick monstrosity, one, erm not sure how to describe it, and one decent looking plot. Not to mention the empty plots and plots with very little added, furnaces, chests, etc etc. When did Courtyard become a place for people to do nothing with them? One could argue that it takes time for players to get the money to buy the blocks they want to use for their plots, however almost two months into the map, and how easily money is gained there should be no excuse. Plot Wing is the perfect place for these types of homes. Houses in the slums look better than those we currently have in Courtyard. Hopefully players will hear the message and build decent plots instead of tanking the housing market further.
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Re: MCP Alert Weekly News
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Traps ain’t gay

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Re: MCP Alert Weekly News
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No singing in Communist MCP Kappa


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Re: MCP Alert Weekly News
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im glad my fun house featured +1

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Re: MCP Alert Weekly News
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Re: MCP Alert Weekly News
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I love MCP Alert, I hope I will able to become big enough to be noticed by this and have my own section one day!
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Re: MCP Alert Weekly News
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Re: MCP Alert Weekly News
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