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Forbidden Areas
« on: August 05, 2019, 09:41:44 PM »
1. Is your idea logical? Yes.
2. Could it be done easily? Depends on how you'd like to do it but it can very easily be done.
3. Has something like it been done before? No
4. Has this idea been suggested before? No.

Have you ever wondered where prisoners cannot go in the MCP prison?  What their punishment would be if they get caught by going into these areas?  When and how these areas can get unlocked?  What possible loot (Like "dirt" on a guard) you can find?  Well, I bet you can think of things, but here is my take:

To the first question:

Well, there is the obvious answer of staff of the prison areas (Staged areas of course), but could block restrictions go away with part of question three (Like a jail break or riot)?

To the second question:

There are several punishments that could be given out depending on where they are at, examples:

C - Guard Area: 3*'** warnings on a count of 5 to make a way out.

B - Guard Area: 2*'** warnings on a count of 5 to make a way out.

A - Guard Area: 2*'** warnings on a count of 5 to make a way out.

HeadGuard+ - Guard Area: 1* warning on a count of 5 to make a way out.

Warden's Office: Instant Jail

Times go from 5, 10, 15, to 30 minutes for each offense and depending on the level of the area.

* Any other offense with this one at the same time would be auto jail unless fight.
** Any previous (You know, usual reset "time" on counts) pvp offense people auto jail

To the third question:

Well, the first way to unlock the area's is to have the people that can unlock them, unlock them.  But how?  Well, there are simple ways such as Redstone openers.  There could be a donator custom item that a person wants (A very Long cooldown though or one-time use (One-time use could be jailbreak when the item is used in the center of cy the restrictions of wg regions temp go away and/or temp holes between blocks show up to travel through the blocks)).  When a donation comes in on the server (Like a package, a certain amount of donations or amount value of the donation, or with a donor access package).  As a votetop reward or a voting /ps reward.

Once the area is back to being locked, the person(s) in it get tp'ed back to their /spawn.

To the fourth question:

"Ya got ya stash in the guard room eh?"  "Yes."  Think of it, contra the guard has collected for x amount of time and puts it away goes into the room of their rank.  Kinda like all disposal signs become a temp store sign for guards that they can only put it like how you can change GUI's after doing something to the block with an item.  This could be done when doing staff "training or automatically via code."

Another thing can be in there is dirt that can give you a free pass on warnings/jails.  You would have to consume it and it will notify the guard either in a private message or an announcement that "The Warden Found out it was Prisoner B, disregard the warning you issued on x player"

With the warden's office, well, since it would be way too hard to get there anyway, an "appeal" for a part refund on prison upgrades you have made so far.  It would say once consumed "X player has gotten a reduced sentence, as such they received x amount."

Sorry, this has quite a bit in it or could have quite a bit in it, however, if you have any ideas or suggestions that would make this better or your own take, reply below.  Feedback is always welcome.

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Re: Forbidden Areas
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2019, 10:50:21 AM »
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Re: Forbidden Areas
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