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Forums Change Log
« on: August 24, 2015, 03:23:12 PM »
Welcome to the Forums change log. Honestly out of all the change logs this one will probably be updated the least.

Add donor items to player's prism page

Current ideas (not guaranteed to be done):

Wright program to sync MCP bans to teamspeak

Integrateserver chat on to home page
List Players online on home page

Build out the player stat system 

Add/Convert/Copy Rush PvP to Zombie survival server

Add Forum encryption

Fix donate page on forums

Things Done:

-=- 2018 -=-

July 28th - Added player Kill/Death stats and total mobs killed (Started tracking 28/07/2018)

-=- 2017 -=-
July 23rd - Added feelsbanjo emote

-=- 2016 -=-
September 8th - Re-added HCF & RushPvP sections. Also added Battlefield board.

February 15th - Made/Added Dynamic Staff page

-=- 2015 -=-
December 14th - Re-added mobile site link to footer Only took me a year :/
December 11th - Added edit PHP edit GUI for Vote page (Now silas can edit it and dose not need to ask me zerglin )
October 15th - Fixed Polls CSS and Forum buttons getting cut off.
September 28th - Removed guest posting, not sure why it was on as bots could get through
September 21st - Updated bug reports to mention players to check the changelog for potential solutions/sources for bugs
September 21st - Increase maximum post size from 20,000 characters to 200,000 #thechangelogisabiggirl
September 21st - Gradually have been revamping changlog, vote page, and donate page
September 20th - Fixed CSS when not logged in and apparently when when logged in a forum post is locked. INB4 another bigger bug was made because of it.
September 16th - added new change log pages for MCP, HCF and the forums

August 24th - added change log for Forums
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