Author Topic: Push Ring Allowing Multiple Winners  (Read 5113 times)

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Push Ring Allowing Multiple Winners
« on: January 02, 2019, 03:09:47 AM »
What is the bug: Multiple players are able to win Push Ring
Where is this bug located: Push Ring
How can we recreate it: Honestly, I have no idea.

Lately Push Ring has been declaring multiple winners (max of 2 I believe). There was a time when I fell into the pit and was declared a winner along with the actual winner, but upon teleporting to the room I was killed. Just tonight I was in Push Ring with 1 other person. I knocked the other player into the pit and they were teleported into the room with me, and were not killed/teleported out. They were able to select a reward if they so choose, but opted not to since it is a bug. The player needed assistance leaving the room as no teleportation commands were allowed.

I'm not really sure what is causing the bug as it happens in various forms and is random.

Perhaps a solution would be to turn the pit into lava instead of pirhanas? An aspect of the pirhanas could possibly be causing this bug.

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Re: Push Ring Allowing Multiple Winners
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