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Old Mod Rules
« on: January 12, 2014, 01:13:46 AM »
MCP had set chat rules, now it has "guidelines".
 Moderators/Guards should not call every little thing and should use reason.
 If someone is spamming, swearing & acting immature they should be muted. If a player uses a swear in a reasonable way:
Spoiler for Hidden:
"Oh shit a zombie just spawned in my base"
They should not be muted.

If a staff member feels something does deserve a mute/warning it has to be in the guidelines below.

Any text below this has not been updated for a while.
The most important rule is to use common sense.

Moderator Rules

The Moderator's Job:
A moderator's job is to keep MCP's chat clean. This means that a moderator must look out for:
Disrespect to staff
In addition, you are to look out for hackers and help new players seeking help.Rules:
Moderators may NOT PvP another player unless the moderator is hit first. If you are hit, you may defend yourself. If you are caught with contraband, you will not be given any exceptions over a normal prisoner. If a guard sees you with contraband you will be called for it.

MCP's chat rules have always been quite lacking on the punishment side of things, players caps/spam because the worst punishment is a 15 minute mute, this has changed.

Mutes are now based on a strike system, different offenses give a certain amount of strikes. If a player amounts to 3 strikes within an hour they will be muted for 15 minutes. (The hour is a rough estimate, does not have to be exact)

Minor chat spam. = 1 strike
Speaking in a language other than English. = 1 strike (People are welcome to speak in whatever language they like while using the "/msg" command.)
Using too much inappropriate language. = 1 strike (using short swears like "fgt" which clearly represent a swear is 2 strike)
Using too many caps in a message (4 capitals in unison) = 2 strike (using things like "ThIs IsN't CaPS" to avoid a chat call is an instant 15 minute mute, if the player is Free rank or above it is a 30 minute ban).
Disrespecting or harassing the staff. = 2 strikes
Intense caps and/or spam. = 3 strikes (instant 30 minute ban to players with the rank Free and above, by that time they should know the rules and not be breaking them)

If a player breaks one of these rules the moderator is to type "Chat offense <playername> xamount of stikes until mute"

Once a player has been muted their chat offenses reset.

Why a moderator should ban:
Chat Spam [No warning, permanent ban. This would be something like someone joining and shortly after spamming "THIS SERVER SUCKS." If it is obvious that they don't want to be on MCP, you may make sure that they aren't on MCP.]
Racism [No warning. First a one-day ban, then a three-day ban, and after that, a permanent ban.]
Advertising [No warning, permanent ban.]
Constant disrespect to the staff [This is up to the moderator. If he or she feels like a player is being especially abusive, it is a permanent ban.]

Moderator Commands:
/tempmute (used to be "/mute" now is "/tempmute")
/bm info <playername>

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