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A Guide on Chat Offenses [Outdated]
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This thread will teach you what a chat offense is, how to call them, and what qualifies as a chat offense. The original thread that tried to explain this can be found here
This guide will help expand on that to help Moderators and A-Guards and above better understand this.

What are chat offenses?

Chat offenses are warning that are given to a player when they break one of the chat rules. Players are given three (3) chat offenses and on their third (3rd) offense the player gets muted. They are a way to help keep the server's chat cleaner and friendlier.

How to call chat offenses

The most common way to call a chat offense is to say "chat offense <player's name> x left." Although you may chose to call them differently if you wish.
Here is a list of some examples:
  • co <player's name> x left
  • co x <player's name>
  • chat offense <player's name> x left
  • chat offense x <player's name>
You may make up your own as long as it informs the player that they broke the chat rules and how many offenses they have left. So that means that you may not say "<player's name> x left" as this does not tell the player what you are calling.

What qualifies as a chat offense?

A basic list of what qualifies as a chat offense:
  • Spam
  • Caps
  • Swearing
  • Disrespect towards staff
  • Advertising (insta-ban)
  • Racism (insta-ban)
Now to expand on that.

Something is considered spam when a player repeats a chat message more than three (3) times with little or no change to the message.

Something is considered caps when a chat message has three (3) or more letters that are capitalized. Also, this is not limited to letters, if a player uses a zero (0) in place of an O then it is still considered as a letter.
Although, there are some exceptions to this rule. If someone says MCP in all caps then that is fine, same if someone says "Welcome to MCP <new player's name>! :D "

Swearing is any word that has a very negative meaning to it.
Here is a list of some swear words (don't ban me for this astral, its for educational purposes :P ):
Spoiler for Swear Words:
  • This includes some words that are used in other parts of the world since people from all over the world come onto MCP.
    • Fuck
    • Shit
    • Cunt
    • Pussy
    • Twat
    • Ass
    • Bitch
    • Bastard
    • Bollock
    • Bugger
    • Cock
    • Dick
    • Faggot
    • Whore
    • Slut
This should go without saying but I'll say it anyways, variances of these words also count as chat offenses. So if someone says "Holy sh!t, the parkour is hard" it would still count. Same if someone says "Omg, you little f***er!"

Disrespect towards staff:
This is when a player shows disrespect towards a staff member. This does not include things like "omg wow, summon! why???" Something that would be considered disrespect would be like "wow summon, you are a really sucky guard that doesn't do shit" (that would also be called for swearing).

This is not something that you would call a chat offense on.
This is self explanatory, but there are some specifics to this rule. Some things that don't count as advertising are things like someone telling everyone to check out a video on YouTube. Something that would count would be if someone says "Hey guys! go to <server IP>, it is soooo much better than this server!"
The penalty for advertising is a permanent ban.
Non permitted links in chat can be considered advertising and can be punished with a chat offense.

This is not something that you would call a chat offense on.
Players that show racism of any kind get an instant one (1) day ban.
Things that are considered racist:
  • The "N word"
  • Cracker
  • Chinky Eyes
  • Anything else that is obviously a derogatory statement against a certain (or multiple) race, colour, ethnicity, etc.

Hopefully this guide helped the staff and players know a bit more about chat offenses.
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