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poprock3189 [Denied]
« on: January 11, 2014, 08:21:00 PM »
What is your IGN?: poprock3189
When can you play on MCP?: any and all the time on the weekends and most of the time after school.
What is your rank on the server?: E-block
Do you have any experience with other prison servers?: yes I
 do but none are as good as this one.
Do you have any experience with guarding? Give a list of servers and your guard rank.: yes, Sneaky Bastards prison: millitia rank.
Have you read both the guard rules and the prisoner rules, even the ones in the info room?: yes I have.
Why should we pick you to be out next guard?: I believe I should be the next guard on this awesome server because I was an excellent gurad on my last prison server and I would love to do my part and help out on this server. I have played for five months( as willtd05 ) and I am familiar with all the rules and people on the server. I am hoping that you choose me to be your next guard. Thank you for reading
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Re: I would like to apply for guard
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