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« on: January 07, 2014, 04:34:52 PM »
AGE: 12 (i am mature)
What Is Your Timezone? Pacific Standard Time.
What Times Can You Play On The Server? normally in the morning or around five.
How Long Have You Played On MCP? 7-8 months.
What Is Your Current Rank On The Server? Citizen.
Do You Have Any Experience With Other Prison Servers? Yes.
Do You Have Any Experience With Guarding? No.
Have You Read All The Rules (Guard And Prisoner)? Yes.
Why Should We Pick You To Be Our Next Guard? I am fairly good at p.v.p i don't abuse commands i respect all staff i have free time a lot i want to see what being a guard is like i want to see if i can get to head guard or warden i want to help stop riots and see how far i can go i don't use hacked clients or any mods at all
I hope u liked reading my app and thanks for your time :D... sedimentary torch
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Re: Guard App
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Denied, things like "u" and non capitalized 'I's