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Guard Rules [Read Me]
« on: January 03, 2014, 01:19:58 AM »
Guard Rules
The Guards Job:
A Guard must protect players at all costs and fend off rioters. Also you will be collecting contrabands from players.

  • When asking for a contraband, count from 5-0 at a decent pace before sending a player to solitary.
  • Guards may kill 2 players if they see them pvping. However if the guard sees which player started the fight they must only kill that player.
  • No selling contraband.
  • Do not jump from the catwalk to the parkour. Additionally guard hounds are not able to complete parkour or call for contraband. They can message other guards to do so though.
  • You MUST suspend each player for the marked time.
  • Do not kill people without reason.
  • Do not PvP abuse.
  • You may only wear guard armour, but you're able to use any sword you'd like.
  • You must be respectful to all players & staff. No racial slurs, swearing, and calling players names.
  • Follow all chat rules.
  • Do not type "/rankup".
  • Do not send players to solitary for infinite amounts of time.
  • Do not change your name or you will be demoted
  • No hacked clients or unapproved mods should be used during guarding or at any time.
  • If you're asking for a contraband and the player is in a PvP zone you must also be in the PvP zone.
  • No connecting/logging onto the server with Minechat or any other variant.
  • No calling for contraband/sending players to solitary in the following areas: Event hub, Black Market, Smuggler Area, Mob farms, Info Room, or other "special areas" which normal prison rules do not apply.
  • No calling for contraband/sending players to solitary during admin events such as a dragon battle.
  • Banking/selling guard items & items seized as contraband is forbidden unless otherwise stated. Guards are allowed to keep 2 different seized weapons (IE 1 sword 1 bow) on their person but must dispose of any other items like that immediately.
  • Regarding the Marksman Bow it is strictly forbidden to give out, drop, trade, or sell one to anyone. If this is done by accident it must be immediately reported.
  • Guards are not permitted to have an alt account online while their guard account is on.
  • Guards can smoke darts but are not allowed to do hard drugs.
Contraband Items:
  • Swords (5 Minute solitary after counting down from 5)
  • Bows (5 Minute solitary after counting down from 5)
  • Any form of chain armour (15 Minute solitary or kill them on sight)
  • Harmful potions (5 Minute solitary after counting down from 5)
  • Axes (Only if used in PvP, 5 Minute solitary after counting down from 5)
  • Drugs (of any kind 5 minutes)
  • Special PvP items: shotguns, disc launchers, throwing bricks, Silas Sythe, etc (5 Minute solitary after counting down from 5)
    • If the item is not actually contraband (i.e. a stick, dye, horse armor) the guard will check first and then give the item back.
    Tips and warnings:
    • You can suspend players by using the command "/solitary (name) (time) (reason)" or use handcuffs to lock them up.
    • If  player kills them self or dies to avoid losing items or avoid solitary time, the guard may suspend accordingly.
    • If a player isn't breaking the rules but you feel as if solitarytime is needed, you may proceed with proof.
    • When applying you must put "REEEEEEE" Somewhere in your app as of 26/06/2018.
    • If you get muted as a guard, there is a high chance you will be demoted.
    • When it comes to asking a player for a possibly contraband item: Assume the item is contraband, if it is not return it immediately.
    • Guards must only send players to solitary for a valid reason. Even if a player requests it the guard must have a valid reason.
    • Guards are allowed to transfer items between accounts as long as they are not obtained through their duties and are not contraband. This means items such as armour, tools, or rares can be given to the guards alternate account. Guards cannot make trades or sales on their main account for armour, potions, and other non contraband pvp items but may doing so via alt account is fine.
    • Guards may jail players using abusive pvp spots. This includes things like the top of plots or plots with basements/traps. Do so within reason.

    Before you apply:
    • Do you have previous experience on prison servers?
    • Know all the rules.
    • Age does not matter as long as you're mature.
    • Mutes/Bans influence your chances of being accepted.
    • Do not bug staff to check your application under any circumstances, you be will instantly denied.
    • You must be E block or higher to be accepted.
    • Being caught AFK farming playtime will reduce your chances of being accepted.
    • If you put something like "My age is 14 now but I'll be 15 in 364 days" your application will be immediately denied. We don't care how old you will be in a month.
    Click here to visit the application page: Guard Application
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