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MCP/Convicted Change Log
« on: June 03, 2014, 10:53:39 AM »
Welcome to the change log, where Silas will probably write shit he'll never do.

Keep in mind these changes were listed for all servers & forums until 24/08/2015

Current ideas (not guaranteed to be done):

leap for the wolf class
add limited market or pointshop to let players buy rares
redo loot tables
add staff ranks on forums
enchanting require voting?
selling sapplings
Fix banmanager page frostcast
rank tokens allow you to set ranks?
new sewer maze
virtual players - remove console messages
fix "don't let me die squid"
lindworm offspring issue?
make mines category on buycraft
nerf strength? / rework cocaine?
add/fix cat disguise? It's in the 7 mobs package
better guard drops? Strong armour
laser tag bug going through walls - slow it down so it hits the walls as it skips them
Fix golden hen - target-modifier bug
adjust guard drops based on guard rank.
The gaion - custom world tailored to MCP w/abandoned projects
Heroin creation allows protected poppies to be harvested -> reorder checks
event with one player as a tank then multiple try to take them on?
rework chest drops
item that changes based on prisoner class?
new E furnace/smelting area
/nick anytime package w/day cooldown or so?
let players buy more /sethomes?
/send link <name> command - gives user perms to send a link for a short period of time
Something with citizen boat?
Baron pigfarm excess pigs - regular kill interval
plugin that converted audio into noteblock songs? - advanced donator reward custom songs? - /themesong ?
- custom "CustomName" tag for items so they retain their data on being placed
curse of vanishing on some items?
disable force casting for drug skill value? Check log
expand free world again?
add more CDGS promo images? promote merchandise / rules etc / ranks / staff posters?
Have players pick reason they were sent to jail when they first join? Add RP aspect?
reduce guard respawn cooldown? Riot mode called by head/sr guard?
make blocking make you immune silas suit blast/other items?
If we do merch an exclusive shirt/hat for high donators?
boss malevolent assault not locking/announcing arena lock? - increase drops?
sickle breaking protected blocks bug
minutes add staff to /playtime
let players sell pumpkins
trim down needless console logs
adjust dragonsummon - currently nothing shows up if you don't meet the requirements. Simply have the cost display an error describing the cost when players try to run it without the items
replace end with some cooler dimension?
better drops & maybe rares in dungeon chests?
Add cock fighting/betting?
drugs made / drugs taken stat for stats
/stats GUI command - record more prism data - deaths as guard - amount donated (check buycraft variable?) - player kills - time jailed. Death reasons ^^ kill weapons? - data for votes total - death for ranks
document all commands/features on the server - make /help to list all commands - add in stats cmds
sellall drugs option under smuggler
map packs in crates
Make it so players can be hung
Potentially make Villager trading custom, similar to enchanting?
add rabies - players who kill bats get it weeks later
Custom death messages and disable join messages & such - fix double death message from environmental damage
Add auto parkour change if beat? Points for first parkour completion?
/roll command
Staff activity timers
Rare blocks in mines
Something to do with a sacrificial lamb
Drugs say who made?
Deny set home in museum
Ban wall auto
Broadcast for good items, books which are memes, dragon lore & pieces/quest, flamethrower - fuel be coal/gunpowder/blazerod
Random enchant option?
Display more data under menus such as events won etc
Display points amount in name slot for chest of /pointshop - display in tab menu too - MS does support it under its own icon but not a title
Remake tutorial
Fix shop tax
Sound on message received?
Gotta catch em all - Mob eggs from shards
new players kits hourly
Better Dragon
Clean up /skill /addiction
Get youtubers/streams on Twitch
add morse code chat for people in banish
Return players to their original server after reboot
a well  to tribute ores for points or someting?
make blockshop pressure plate jumppad/badman spot/dolorian minecart
Mod kit - info book? Rules
unable to locate sign (possibly command signs/essentials)
drug value lower on rejoin/reload to prevent lag/dc preventing drug end and keeping death rare high? Overdose level not clearing
trail demo
More MCP videos
flood the quarry
homing event - escape for as long as possible as more, faster ones chase you - place multiple in random spots to launch them at players
monthly top event winner
make it so moving server plays leave message, possible essentials change
Change donor message to be a HUD popup (Top Center) - get MS addon to make it run specific events for all players
make chat less colourful, it almost feels spammy. Simplify.
Trivia/guessing event
change cmd delay msg
make trails menu toggle trails
Donation counter for players
Fix faction messages - they pop up on screen when swapping areas in the prison to /parkour - disable that
Retool reindeer plugin for Easter "bunny Hop" -Zeedin
remove more MS bloat, WG regions, and MS zones
slaugther token use - statues/easter egg
disable pocket chest in pvp - make it manual command run so tag blocks it just give temp perm? - also block enderchest
make pvp zones clear w/message or colour clay
fix invisible bug - result of fast relog - result of logging in from another location
maze for all players - changes upon completion
Fire fighter event, contest to put out the most fire, prisoners put out fire for points - mcp players must work to put out fire in part of the prison?
make /warp x alias run /tips for new players, lots try /warp mines only to be confused
fix lava throw
more plots for donation?
fix crates not giving items - into floor/occupied block
more plots for everyone?
guard sword colour name
total fines issued announcement "we have issued x in fines"
lag diagnostics post/command
give gold/iron a use? Remove buying of it and give some roleplay aspect
make /server more known
order donators page on amount donated? with variable motto
look into not giving drugs effects when a player is over the OD limit
crate not opening bug
possibly miner armour auto smelt
make reboot faster
look into essentialsx
fix heads updating? (Use new head method to spawn them in?)
Pointy armour? Thorns?
rework pvp
update rush pvp
guard hound disguise proper fix
best settings tutorial
adjust Flu Flu Bow offset so it doesn't come out of the face
use MS option to disable particles for potion effects
fix motto spelling "moto"
chestshop uuid - names not updating usin old names
cmd to flag entry allow/deny on plots?
once again crates not giving items
fix reboot timing - send players back after reboot
rework trails to use 1 perm
 Kappa pumpkin for halloween
mob fights? - have mobs fight each other? Betting?
Drugs & urine tests
Drug textures
self display for disguises? - teleporting bug
./playtime x - addon to view others variables
checker board
make sure things like tasers can't be used in safezones
ban wall - now we're doing a ban reset - right click on head to get player information?
msg for dying from piranhas - cancel default action w/ms? Add new death msg? - disable death msgs with essentials option
zombie arena use old prison which was going to be for the sewer map/cops and robbers?
change golden hen egg to an actual blaze egg using the ID - rename/cancel default action
re-enable villager trades & villager spawners on buycraft
weakness doesn't let you hit players
stop drug levels being lost when dying in events
stop relogs stopping drug effects? - Rework to store negative impact on var?
event leaderboards + betting on events + player stats info on win/loss displayed on betting
fix guards losing stuff by dying in events
elaborate guard rules
check plugins for sickle
buff Baron mine? - rework a mine?
update /rules
armor stand - breaking/placing increases amount you can place
look into essentials group merging for /list or /who
Block party dangerous round not running at times?
update manual mine reset
event reboot cleaner
stop parkours being the same twice?
horse + shotgun event?
airhorn texture
Make it so latest backup world on reboot loads into multiworld
script to set ops on boot to avoid issue
/can I be warden command
make start up script to clear events & open the mob arena
encourage more building in free world? - easier travel? some downside to plots (guard raids?)
Norse horses of day and night - speed boost day/night?
target shooting event? Hit to stay alive
sell cactus?
List of custom donator items? Make page/promo? - make wanted posters for donator? - thanks for support etc
make reset command to set players back to C?
increase drowning? remove armour protecting from drowning? fire too? - fall damage? suffocation - make it so the longer you take damage from one of these the more damage stacks
fix drugs/allow creation of cigarettes
rework/remove weaponized disks
make dragon forge a physical place? - deny teleporting to it? make it require something to enter? Donator?
add /enchantments and /potions and /particles command
look into buycraft heads
disable bow boosting
make it so essentials speed is used when giving negative effects
make cafe place food more neatly instead of spitting it out? Have limited collections but food doesn't expire? some visible queue? - while at it fix fridge/interior kitchen? easter egg?
ez fix slabs better/drop rate? - let you pick what block to build with?
mega plot - update schematic on expansion buy?
cheaper iron enchants?
fix brick hitboxes
phantom blocks
e mine auto sell make it run multiple to empty more?
get a new avatar
variables to track - Other triggers - points total vs points spent - parkours completed
event countdown on tab menu?
disable IP showing msg for members
disable "new" message for new forum accounts
chestshop addon for named items to allow selling/buying of rares. Magicspells addon?
tab menu timer/countdown for events? side panel for when events are running? animation?
Hel armour tombstone for players in Helheim? - place sign w/name and time of death?
Dan the sneaky goblin thief - quotes himself
Look into other payment gateways, stripe, paypal card direct, and BTC
offline tax?
fix bp rounds not running
title manager MS variable support?
disable sickle use in prison/breaking poppies in prison
make getting into pvp easier for players?
fix bug in which dragon lisp can be placed in offhand
tnt drop starts a few seconds early
adjust render distance for item frames/maps?
random pushring areas
banishment stat total
change throwable brick to work like silas star
adjust marksman and guard bow/fire resistance
pop up/fireworks on hitting playtime thresholds?
Buff Bruni Pendant/make it more useful
donator trial command for admins to use
roman shield design/fancy shields?
look into adjusting guard armour - knockback resistance?
log more stuff - time in mines
change ice dragon boots ability - make ice deteriorate - make use durability
make chart to track custom donator items
disable sweep attack - look into it a second time around w/revamped pvp
fix guard shields not adding extra hp - ask a guard
rework drugs & re-add drug stacking
deny drinking of Canadian Syrup
Silas Scythe takes no durability in offhand.
Vegetarian starter food suggested by - IrregularSquad :^)
disable auto sell cmd
Fix levitate - make ncp exempt
re-add ultra rares
resource pack crash?
rework drugs to enable pausing of effects/denying of use for temp/perm
nerf feather falling add long fall boots as rare drop again
fix invisible disguises?
fix gem of njord exploit
fix items not taking durability in offhand when casting
rework/increase steroid punishment/nerf
rework painkillers as the resistance effect can be overwritten
option popup/reward using menu to select where and how a player joined the server
remove/update /convicted
charge for sethome? make it so Baron doesn't have to pay?
look into event/bperms updating lag? - deeper source some other plugin updating as a result?
Ender Dragon Armour? - Use for pearls? - Wither star use to be able to craft things? - extra dmg to endermen?
Obsidian Dragon Armour - Sharp yet brittle weapons?
Dice - Maps? - right click and it swaps to a different map - Throw dice? It drops a random dice?
item that converts items into blocks - transmuation tablet
base items in dungeons from crates? Crates in dungeons?
item/clock which allows player to change time - global cooldown
rework disk launcher
rework trail donations
lastman - user NPCs from Sentinel?
remove other voting site which allows excess voting
make multi tool require shift to swap the item so enchanting will work if durability is ever added
/enterplot # cmd for plot contest judging
buyout/edit old Prison MCF posts
Make it so having all 5 pieces of exodia plays end credits
gluten free whoog brand bread with some witty comment/negative effect?
sand crate item - star wars
broadcasts for rare drop finds
stats for blocks mined - diamonds mined etc
On events with death make it so player death triggers check to see if just one player is left
mcp 5 style parkour
change jail parkour
add/convert new batch of images - more wanted posters of notorious players/staff
update server
sell shards for points?
let players sell regions for $1/abandon plots
make bullrush timer reduce more towards the end
rework kingoftheladder. Needs more comeback opportunity. Make it less ladders/more crossover points?
promote survey more/update it
go through startup log
fix bug with /rg info displaying region names even though users have no perms
RNG Nic Cage command for picture/video/gif
Bring back never hunger?
Video of me reading satisfaction surveys
more announcements/displays for unique donator packages
zombie arena bug spots - shown by coreygill11 (enchanting room)
re-organize buycraft some more - logic is key
citizen mine - allow placing of blocks?
donator crate item list - which crates they come out of?
make chests in caves drop crates & rares?
set value on logout with /drugs - negative effect & clear all existing values on logout
make it so only one trail can be on at a time
players remaining event - on sidebar?
Give guards god apple?
disable sword AOE?
fix warden skull easteregg
update to fix disabled disguises
new event - escape?
prevent arena mob drops from landing in teleport water so they can't be picked up
smoke grenade needs to use clay projectile again
cool donation shop in physical location to display packs?
discord event notifications


  • Dragon Eggs as Easter Eggs
  • Lottery Ticket of Death
  • Glue/Cursed Glue
  • Monster Apocalypse
  • Make prison look crappy with netherrack and prep for big Halloween event
  • Poison food
  • Candy
  • Players work towards some goal? To defeat monsters? Voting/collection of total points etc?
  • Murderous pumpkins
  • Plot contest
  • All disguises on halloween
  • Snow Golems - 12 christmas golems? - Snowgolem spawner
  • Stamp 2018 Christmas armour with usernames
  • Christmas Button
  • Eggnog - Alcoholic
  • Christmas Crates
  • Double voting rewards x2 exp
  • christmas points
  • snow hat - makes it snow around you
  • old donation song
  • make snowballs put people out of fire
  • make snowballs land and place snow
  • Blizzards which freeze players?
Things Done:

April 19th - Added Smuggler to outside of C
April 17th - Buffed guard drops & their paychecks/hp
April 9th - Added Parkours #51-77
April 4th - Buffed Silas Suit now gives +4 hearts

March 31st - Enabled pvp in Cafe. Enabled pvp in Citizen and head-guards can now enter
March 29th - Added donation package to host all events
March 28th - Tweaked some things to maybe improve performance (hitreg?)
March 27th - Removed grass in arena
March 27th - Tweaked anticheat
March 25th - Enderdragon now gives 1 point upon being slain
March 25th - Added MondoChiefs shaft
March 25th - Nerfed unbreaking pickaxe
March 21st - Fixed bug with Chestplates being taken off on version 1.8
March 20th - KOTL now gives an elytra + 3 fireworks
March 17th - Added MondChiefs custom items to crates (3/4)
March 16th - Fixed discord rewards (courtesy of Ryan10000)
March 16th - Added new vote site
March 15th - Nerfed miner coal
March 14th - Added DaddyMuhammed's & zs471s custom crate items
March 14th - Fixed crate duds
March 14th - Added Bombsquds, CutMyWrists, JaggMasters custom items to crates
March 13th - Added a new voting site
March 13th - Fixed VPN blocker
March 12 - Added new vote site
March 9th - Reduced point drop from nether spawner to 0.2
March 7th - Fixed bug with Arrdon not spawning
March 7th - Added Free road
March 3rd - Fixed Donator mob farm drops

February 27th - Fixed broken commandsigns, need to look for permanent fix
February 25th - Got the resource pack working on 1.12.2
February 25th - Updated announcements

August 20th - Added DUB_BBROmc's Pocket Sander to a crate
August 8th - Fixed spelling mistake in /points help

May 29th - Fixed issue with /announce not working for some wardens
May 26th - Added alias for /forums now /forum works too
May 25th - Nator's Plunger now displays particles on user with the item
May 25th - Arrdon axe will drop as knockback 3 now
May 21st - Fixed bug with being able to trade with villagers due to meth creation bug
May 19th - Fixed bug with pushring allowing multiple winners and potentially making someone lose their stuff
May 19th - Fixed issue with draino creation
May 12th - Added support for older versions to 1.8 and now support 1.14 clients
May 9th - Fixed bug with Oddordyrs Guillotine not dropping heads

April 28th - Fixed bug with Panda Pendant potentially sending players to their death

March 29th - Fixed bug with /buy link being wrong

February 24th - Fixed duplication bug
February 21st - Made it so members can't flag plots anymore preventing an exploit
February 17th - Fixed bug with non barons being able to buy mega plots?
February 16th - Fixed cat disguise
February 14th - Guards are now except to chat kicks
February 12th - Added Canada's Syrup to Theta Crate
February 12th - Added DragonApex23's Bone to Theta Crate
February 11th - Fixed issue with 7 passive mob disguise pack not applying most mobs
February 8th - Reduced snowball knockback significantly
February 3rd - Nerfed strength
February 3rd - Fixed issue with Chest Keeper /signs not charging

January 28th - Added 10 minute cooldown to Nator's Plunger
January 25th - Made vote link for direct
January 25th - Fixed issue with voting link #2 not directing properly
January 24th - Improved speed in which events will run after each other
January 24th - Fixed issue with voting potentially crashing server?
January 24th - Fixed issue with Flash Flood spectate not displaying msg
January 24th - Disabled chickens giving gold upon click periodically
January 24th - Fixed bug with trails potentially dropping items into hoppers
January 17th - Added Jerehh's Crate Dispenser
January 13th - Upped range of Young's Katana to 7 to try and fix issues with it "not working"
January 13th - Fixed bug with Tools pack on /buy giving unbreaking 5 instead of unbreaking 3
January 10th - Added ItsKelinu's Drug Enhancer to Epsilon Crate
January 10th - Added TheTurtlePlayers Axe to Delta crate
January 6th - Fixed King of the ladder exploit in which users could exploit and bypass the climb by joining the event quickly
January 2nd - Added Dal's Melon Pick to Zeta crate
January 1st - Added /donated for users to view their own donation totals. Keep in mind it will need to be updated by me so shoot me a message if your total displays 0 but you have donated.
January 1st - Fixed bug that allows enchanting of multi tool

Below this spoiler is 2018
Spoiler for Hidden:
December 29th - CoreyGill Pick now places the auto smelted items in your inventory
December 29th - Possibly disabled the collection of select poppies in the prison
December 29th - Event level prize is now 30 levels instead of 35
December 29th - Added DeterminedGoose's crate item to Theta
December 28th - Fixed issue with Oddordyrs Guillotine not working
December 28th - Fixed issue with Silas Suit not refreshing buffs
December 26th - Fixed factions not having explosions if all users were offline
December 23rd - Fixed minor text inconsistency in /rules regarding event times
December 17th - Fixed JoeMC2014's Excalibur again?
December 15th - Fixed JoeMC2014's Excalibur
December 15th - Fixed a few small bugs/inconsistencies reported by evevet
December 15th - Fixed issue with player hosted events listing the wrong prices upon purchase
December 15th - Added /etree
December 15th - Fixed issue with portal trail not applying when purchased
December 13th - Fixed Beta Bow issue
December 13th - Fixed Kittiwolf Bone
December 13th - Added Tutorial option in staff warps
December 13th - Fixed issue with server not displaying what version we're running if connecting with outdated/unsupported client
December 11th - Clarified rules on donations via proxy
December 11th - Lowered cost of hosting several events
December 11th - Eldunari now takes 1 level regardless
December 9th - Fixed C Treefarm, stairs around trees cannot be broken anymore
December 9th - Fixed bug with chestshops not giving seller money if they had a negative balance
December 6th - Once again fixed donator mob farm
December 5th - Presents now spawn a slightly larger quantity
December 5th - Lowered trail sounds
December 4th - Buff standard guard bow to power 4
December 4th - Added Lord63's Australian Speed to Zeta Crate
December 4th - Reduced sound on admin sugar blast
December 4th - Fixed dynmap but removed cave map
December 2nd - Fixed C Replant removing one of the sugar canes cover
December 2nd - Unban passes now scale in price but are still limited to 3.
December 1st - Began Christmas celebrations

November 29th - Fixed issue with exp not being given for killing Ender Dragon
November 29th - Barons now have 5 homes as the cap
November 28th - Fixed tutorial warp sign
November 28th - Fixed custom textures & added texture for painkiller
November 28th - Collecting poppies in the prison for heroin no longer works
November 28th - Temp fixed smoke grenade; projectile is an arrow until it is fixed
November 28th - Added Amazon Prime for crates official announcement
November 28th - Fixed issue with server resourcepack not having proper sounds
November 28th - Donations should now process faster
November 28th - Added larger mixed crate pack
November 27th - Fixed bug with pointshop unbreaking
November 26th - Increased cost of smite to 50 levels
November 26th - Adjusted donator mob farm
November 26th - Fixed bug with Block Parties on weekends running an hour early
November 26th - Increased size of baron maze
November 25th - Reduced speed allocation from tnt drop so it won't last unnecessarily long. Prevents abuse from getting it & teleporting out.
November 25th - Added /signs to announcements
November 24th - Added Trap's Axe to Gamma Crate
November 24th - Fixed pointshop total points display in shop
November 24th - Added LittleLea's Shears to Zeta crate
November 24th - Fixed bug in which pointshop repair would not work
November 24th - Members/Owners can now flag entry on their plots
November 24th - Fixed bug with events freezing on lastman
November 24th - Fixed donator mob farm
November 23rd - Buffs clear when entering hardcore parkour
November 23rd - Fixed issue with chat str triggering a trail activation even without perms
November 23rd - Adjusted snow trail so it will work
November 23rd - Disabled fall damage in solitary parkour
November 23rd - Made announcement that players can flag their plots - /rg flag <plot#> entry allow/deny
November 22nd - Disabled Shulker Boxes (They were supposed to be in the first place)
November 22nd - Hardcore Parkour now changes
November 21st - pb64's hoe now withers
November 21st - Disabled can't use messages
November 21st - Reset forum bans
November 21st - Fixed bug with people being able to teleport to plots
November 21st - Fixed bug in which E mine had an empty layer/extra ores layer
November 21st - Eshop can longer be built in
November 21st - A lot more post reset bug fixes. Including monsters spawning in passive mob farms
November 17th - More post reset bug fixes. New detail in moderator application template "To be a moderator you must be an experienced server member who is active on the forums, server, and teamspeak."
November 17th - Few bug fixes, adjusted experience donator package.
November 16th - Reset server

September 1st - Reset votetop

August 30th - Added discord bot, in order to chat account must be linked now
August 12th - Released CDGS Merch!
August 6th - Added /guardkills & /guardkills global
August 1st - Added "/map packs" command

July 31st - Improved /cratecount and added /cratecount global. Keep in mind since we didn't record this data before your overall and specific types won't be synced
July 29th - Boss kills are now recorded and viable as a statistic with "/bosskills" and "/bosskills global". Prism will support this at some point.
July 28th - Fixed bug with taser displaying a non working message that was supposed to display who you hit. It no longer mentions who you hit at all.
July 28th - Zeedin armour now cancels attack dmg when angel thorns triggers
July 28th - Fixed bug with Coreygill1's pick not taking durability when mining ironore or goldore
July 28th - Changed and expanded free spawn area since it was butchered
July 26th - Added /mobstat and /mobstat global
July 25th - Added coreygill1's crate item to a crate
July 25th - Silas set now has speed 2 and the blast has a bit longer duration
July 25th - Rolled back guard taser buff cripple a bit
July 24th - Emeralds can now be sold at sell all sign and are no longer exclusive to Baron & Donator
July 24th - Guards Tasers are more effective than players, guards spawn with more charges & gold apples
July 24th - Elytras can now be repaired at anvils
July 24th - Fixed bug with Medusa Head giving double messages
July 23rd - Promoted Maelonic!
July 17th - Only C-E's can now rent cells
July 16th - Guards Hounds cannot call for contraband now according to the rules.
July 9th - Fixed PandaHeart not working
July 8th - Mattmab Brewer no longer requires water bottles and now just requires glass ones to fix a bug
July 8th - Riot Guards no longer drop protection 5 helmets
July 7th - Fixed Riot Guards Axe differing from the one they dropped. Now Sharp 5 with no knockback
July 7th - Added list of custom donator items added.,5740
July 7th - Fixed spelling error in Chantallylace fishing rod
July 7th - Fixed anicepepe skin
July 7th - Fixed bug with shrooms not being consumable
July 7th - Added RT1cTV's Friendship Maker to crates
July 4th - Sol/Solitary commands are now allowed in PvP
July 4th - Fixed bug with rare pepes not dropping
July 3rd - Disabled Grinders of Donator Shop as last purchase was in 2016
July 3rd - Added icons for all Buycraft categories
July 3rd - Increased cost of PvP Protection & Keep Exp to $25
July 3rd - Improved party pack, pro party pack, and added tools donation pack
July 3rd - Fixed Heroin being spelt Heroine in /drugs
July 3rd - Taking drugs now clears pre-existing negative effects
July 3rd - Fixed players being able to build in E spawn

June 26th - Added drug creation link to /drugs
June 26th - Fixed various out of map bugs
June 26th - Added /discord command and /shittycommunicationplatform
June 26th - Fixed potential bug with warping out of pvp
June 25th - Clarified scamming rules
June 24th - Added Lord63's Bow to a crate

May 28th - Added MattmabAlexVenom to a crate
May 27th - Items can no longer be carried over to next events using crafting slot exploit
May 27th - Items can only be dropped in Zombie Survival when the event is now running
May 9th - Tnt Drop will no longer have first round start before countdown finishes

April 30th - Disabled /afk for Guards. Staff can log out too if they're afk
April 30th - Standard Guard and Marksman now get extra health. Currently Hound and Riot have not been adjusted but may be
April 30th - Increased amount of gold apples guards spawn with
April 30th - Upped chance of Oddordyr's guillotine collecting heads
April 30th - Moved tutorial room
April 30th - Fixed bug with Silas armour speed buff clearing higher values of speed
April 28th - Dark oak logs can now be sold
April 26th - Removed "evacuate mines" message
April 25th - Fixed grammatical in forums announcement
April 16th - Added Great Hall (It's not so great and don't ask how to get there)
April 16th - Jail parkour now has a 30 minute cooldown and fixed sign text
April 14th - Hitting with handcuff may no longer do damage in theory
April 11th - Guard hearts for riot class will no longer refresh as a result won't clear anymore
April 11th - Re-added Sky Dive ended message
April 11th - Zombie Survival care package now always drops one diamond
April 9th - Updated /map command
April 6th - Fixed bug in which players could abuse red wool in spleef. It is no longer breakable.
April 4th - Riot helmets will no longer drop with Protection 5
April 4th - Upped reward for event prize options diamond, emerald, and money
April 3rd - Added Panda's Heart, Panda's Bamboo, Daryl's Bow to Theta Crate
April 2nd - Removed "recently reset" message on server list

March 26th - Fixed issue with schematic in E knocking out a block
March 23rd - Fixed bug in which anyone could run Malevolent assault for no cost
March 20th - Increased the sell price of Diorite to $5 so it is no longer on par with cobblestone
March 20th - Made price for stone consistent, the going rate is $6 a piece
March 20th - Fixed exploit which allowed items to be knocked off armour stands with a torch
March 19th - Fixed King of the ladder grammar issue w/capitalization
March 19th - Added Lord63's crate item to the Delta crate
March 19th - Fixed issue with PvP apply damage more than it should
March 18th - Fixed Nether/End displaying players on livemap
March 14th - Fixed KOTL not displaying winner msg
March 10th - Fixed block limiter not working in plot lot
March 10th - Fixed Zeedin Juice drinking bug
March 9th - In theory fixed King of the Ladder again
March 9th - Fixed bug which hardcore parkour did not change
March 7th - Added sell obsidian sign to Citizen
March 7th - Fixed some grammatical & factual text errors
March 5th - Mods should now be able to fine (why does no one report things?)
March 5th - Fixed pushring bug in which players could stall the ending by not respawning

February 14th - Banishment no longer is a caps message
February 14th - Multi tool may now no longer be enchanted
February 12th - Hardcore parkour no longer kills players
February 9th - No longer using
February 8th - Dynmap no longer shows players or faction land
February 4th - Fixed spawners dropping in Theta crate and those purchased on Buycraft shop
February 4th - Disabled giant spawn eggs in Theta crate as they don't work
February 4th - Added Pb64's & LuckyTrooper's crate items
February 4th - Double size of world border now 80k/10k for Freeworld/Nether
February 1st - Added cooldown to Vipers Bane

January 30th - Fixed server crashing issue when client sending too many packets
January 28th - Specified rule on use of alts
January 25th - Possibly fixed bug with KOTL ending immediately
January 25th - Fixed bug with events not clearing items sometimes
January 20th - Diamond warden pieces may no longer have protection 4 applied
January 19th - Doubled duration on dragon forge
January 17th - Added MC-MMO
January 17th - Added Theta Crate
January 17th - Fixed grammar in crate help msg
January 14th - Fixed laser tag double healing at end
January 14th - Fixed bug with spleef potentially not rewarding winner
January 13th - Edited fines, it is no longer possible to see your total amount fined as fining of offline users could nuke player data
January 13th - Fixed Mae's rage item
January 12th - Fixed bug with Zeedin armour set not playing sound
January 12th - Fixed events clearing inventory from potentially happening in non eventworld
January 12th - Fixed bug in which players would sometimes have items cleared by events
January 12th - Removed renaming of chestkeepers
January 11th - Fixed and tweaked events, most notably last man
January 6th - Nerfed Cactus hat to thorns 5
January 6th - Ideally removed a bit of the lag when events are running
January 6th - Fixed bug in which Coolmathewcannon could be placed
January 6th - Nerfed most crate swords to sharp 4 from sharp 5
January 6th - Protection 5 may now be applied to diamond chestplate/pants
January 2nd - Disabled Christmas crate buying/items
January 2nd - Fixed guard speed still triggering in no buff zones
January 2nd - Added King Of The Ladder as a new event

Below this spoiler is 2017
Spoiler for Hidden:
December 29th - Mods may now edit their info signs
December 24th - Gaia sickle now uses cooldown until bug with offhand durability is fixed
December 24th - Nerfed Mattmab munchies absorbtion
December 24th - Nerfed Kittiwolf bone duration
December 11th - Fixed bug in which guard riot shields do not give extra hp
December 8th - Riot guard no longer has knockback 2. Buffed axe to sharp 5 instead of sharp 4.
December 8th - Only Head-Guards+ can be hounds and A-Guards now can be riot guards
December 8th - Chest Keeper limits have been changed. C-E = 8. Free = 10. Citizen = 12. Baron & Staff = 15. Donators with the addons = 20
December 8th - You can now pickup items when using Wolfy's bone
December 8th - Removing enchants will no longer clear chat
December 8th - Enabled repairing fishing rods at anvils
December 8th - Disabled guard /armour in eventworld
December 7th - Fixed impossible jump in flash flood
December 6th - Fixed event/reboot times
December 1st - Fixed bug in which Zombie Survival gave Protection 10 guard armour as prizes

November 30th - Fixed bug with miner pick working in plotlot
November 29th - Fixed /forums
November 28th - Attempted to reduce lag in other events on startup
November 28th - Attempted to reduce lag caused by skydive
November 27th - Fixed dupe bug with chestkeeper, added /gp check
November 27th - Fixed spectator bug with taking damage in events
November 26th - Guard Hounds are no longer able to complete parkour
November 25th - Fixed /tpdeny not working
November 24th - Added border to freeworld & freenether
November 24th - limited item frames on mega plots
November 24th - Slightly nerfed Hrim/Bruni to Prot 4 from Prot 5
November 24th - Lowered odds of getting warden head in eta crate
November 24th - Museum will be constructed
November 24th - Lowered odds of getting Bruni/Hrim in crate
November 24th - Increased CD of jellyslippyslime to 300 seconds
November 24th - Reduced the odds of getting miner gobstopper by a slight amount
November 24th - Reduced drop rate of a few other donator items which were higher than they should have been
November 24th - slightly reduced the odds of getting zs healing axe
November 24th - Reduced odds of getting miner in every crate
November 24th - Reduced odds of getting multi tool
November 24th - Reduced odds of getting warden in every crate
November 24th - Reduced odds of killahs heart dropping
November 24th - Reduced taser charge drops
November 24th - Reduced guards dropping tasers
November 24th - Barons now get 2 extra chestkeepers (original limit is 8)
November 24th - Added option to donate for a chest keeper limit of 15
November 24th - Upped player power limit for factions to 15
November 24th - Increased power regen rate for factions
November 24th - Increased cost of repairing a pick in donator
November 24th - Swapped to default Hrim boots icewalk until fix is found for ours
November 24th - Reworked speed boots
November 24th - Reset MCP
November 21st - Fixed Eriks pudding spoon
November 19th - Jarder and Silas scythe from breaking when repairing
November 19th - Fixed /forums link
November 17th - Fixed issue with guard hounds losing disguises on logging in
November 13th - Disabled Jelly Slippy Slime in helheim
November 13th - Arrdon axes now only have knockback 3 when dropped. Any existing axes shall be converted.
November 13th - Swapped voting links from HCF to Convicted
November 13th - Fixed issue with /homes being used to bypass home warmup
November 11th - Added rules against incomplete pepes & Christmas skins before November 12th.
November 11th - Removed drug stacking
November 11th - Fixed issue with painkillers always giving negative buffs on any drug expiration
November 11th - Fixed bug in which smuggler did not allow selling of steroids
November 9th - Fixed bug with Medusa Head removing buffs
November 5th - /solstatus now works to check your solitary status
November 5th - Added /changelog command and tweaked /donate
November 5th - Added fines
November 5th - Gave Shadow Clock 3 second warm up time but lowered cooldown to 3 minutes
November 5th - Added selling Steroids to Smuggler
November 5th - Added /donate command
November 5th - Glowstone may now be sold in blocks
November 5th - Added New A-Block -Zeedin (Only one more to go)
November 2nd - Added core protect for demo run
November 1st - Lowered chance of guards dropping crates
November 1st - Reset votes
November 1st - Added 15 second cooldown to Cinnamon Spray
November 1st - Fixed sign spam lag issue

October 30th - Fixed bug in which Eldunari did not require glass bottle to use
October 30th - Fixed issue with C Tree farm pasting in E
October 29th - Temporarily disabled Slimes as a requirement for spawning the ender dragon
October 24th - Made bruni armour trigger ignore fire res
October 22nd - Added 3 second teleport on /home /spawn etc, if there's any bugs let me know. Also fixed a few potential event bugs.
October 20th  - Un Tendy'ed B Block after 2 and a half years...
October 20th - Spawners mined in the nether now only give 1 point
October 20th - Fixed Enderbow not working in nether/end

September 27th - Updated some moderator announcements
September 27th - Slightly buffed Riot Guard Helmet
September 27th - Updated some rules Guards now can't jail on request & mini map mods are not allowed to show players
September 26th - Changed Mae's Cold Heart tomb duration to 16 seconds from 20.
September 24th - Updated to support latest client
September 24th - Increased owl helm effect duration to prevent flashing
September 24th - Reduced Silas Star cooldown and adjusted hit box
September 24th - Increased rename character length
September 23rd - Adjusted some armour values
September 20th - Fixed bug in which zs healing axe was procing 100% of the time
September 15th - Increased Silas Star cooldown
September 15th - Dragons lisp can no longer be placed in main hand. Offhand will be fixed soon.
September 15th - Lowered miner gob stopper sound
September 8th - Added /tutorial for new players
September 7th - Logging out in mines should now put you on the surface
September 7th - Swapped voting site

August 31st - Fixed tnt drop roof exploding bug
August 30th - Fixed issue in which players could warp out of jail with info commands
August 29th - Fixed so players can use enderchests in the black market
August 28th - Reduced guard gold apple cooldown to 10 minutes (keep in mind banking them is not allowed)
August 28th - Adjusted a few item rules
August 28th - Removed resourcepack loader
August 26th - Buffed marksman sword damage, unbreaking, and buffed marksman bow damage
August 26th - Buffed Zeedin Armour to Resistance 2
August 25th - Readded survey
August 25th - Fixed bug with gold apples requiring 12 points to buy
August 23rd - Fixed dynmap
August 22nd - Lowered point stone cap to 3
August 22nd - Added image maps
August 15th - Plugin wrote/added to protect item frames from people breaking them with creates and things alike
August 15th - Fixed issue with potential 2nd prizes for completing events
August 15th - Filled holes around E
August 13th - Fixed issue with Weed creation bypassing timer
August 13th - Fixed drugs/a few other bugs
August 13th - Added Waterchlolo's custom crate item
August 13th - Disabled using Netherworld Morgul blade in offhand
August 13th - Added new anti hit and run pvp rule
August 9th - In theory fixed the combat tag bar
August 9th - Nerfed Silas Star
August 6th - Increased item frame limit on plots to 10
August 5th - Disabled levitating between worlds
August 3rd - Added support for newest MC client 1.12.1

July 31st - Fixed chestshop history
July 30th - Added Masterovie's spear
July 27th - Schematica is no longer an approved mod
July 24th - Fixed bug allowing players to drop items in events
July 24th - Removed holes in skydive ledges
July 24th - Fixed issue with Oddordyr's guillotine not collecting heads some times
July 23rd - Fixed bug that anyone could use Mae's heart with a command
July 22nd - Increased Flare audio
July 22nd - Added Killahs crate item
July 22nd - Made several custom sounds use different playing system
July 20th - Fixed several items coming out of Eta crate slowly
July 20th - Increase cooldown on Hrim Pendant to 5 minutes from 3
July 18th - Netherworld blade cooldown increased to 15 seconds
July 18th - Fixed hub not giving compass to some users
July 17th - Reduced absorbtion to 6 hearts on Ice Dragon Pendant
July 17th - Disabled iron golem spawning
July 17th - Changed mine convert message to display on bottom bar instead of in chat to reduce spam
July 16th - Fixed potential overriding issues with donating and triple ores. Also increased triple ore price to $10 due to its incredible value
July 16th - Reduced chance of getting pocket sand
July 16th - Fixed pointshop menu displaying wrong unbreaking level
July 16th - Defined rules on HUD mods
July 15th - Increased cooldown on jumper cables
July 15th - Increased Jelly slime cooldown to 150 seconds
July 15th - Disabled speed boots in helheim
July 15th - Swapped voting website
July 15th - Added DalAlwaysGames crate item
July 15th - Prison shank now does not instant break
July 14th - Disabled early starts in Flashflood but increased time for lava pipe burst
July 14th - Fixed issue with helheim escape msg
July 13th - Added /enchant for donators to warp them to donator
July 13th - Disabled pocket/ender chests in helheim
July 13th - Animals may now be killed in the plot lot
July 13th - Disabled pocket sand in events
July 11th - Tweaked zombie survival to encourage more fighting and less running
July 11th - Iron hoes may now be repaired
July 11th - Updated /rules
July 11th - Updated /help
July 10th - Set up bank signs for free bank and new guard
July 10th - Set warp for free bank
July 8th - Lowered odds of getting speed 3 boots
July 8th - Warden key cooldown is now 3 hours
July 8th - Disabled fall damage in events
July 8th - Increased event clear inv timer should fix bug with players keeping items from previous event
July 6th - Blocked Ice Dragon effects in plotlot
July 6th - Increased cooldown on Mae's heart to 5 minutes
July 6th - Increased E mine auto sell rate
July 6th - Disabled players spawning on top of wool in laser tag
July 6th - Added Dragon1240's crate item
July 5th - Built Head-Guard
July 5th - New C Guard
July 4th - Added new donator area
July 4th - Changed vote message to appear on bottom action bar
July 4th - Fixed per world inventory something went horribly wrong message
July 2nd - Buffed Geo armour so it now has resistance 2
July 2nd - Changed weed creation buds are now dark oak sapplings
July 1st - Reset votetop

June 28th - Fixed issue with Ice Dragon boots freezing water in plotlot
June 28th - E mine will no longer warp players out of cow farm when resetting
June 28th - Added support for 1.12 for all servers
June 28th - Guard deaths will no longer drop untextured tasers
June 27th - Removed silkspawners. Spawners etc should behave as before.
June 27th - Reduced the cost of many items in the point shop
June 26th - Changed how /home works. /home will no longer teleport you to a "safe" location. Instead now it will directly warp you to the location of the home even if it is hostile. Keep in mind this may mean homes with lava traps, filled in, or in the sky will teleport you to exactly that spot where as before it may have kept you safe.
June 21st - Added Eta crate & Dragon Forge
June 21st - Fixed E snow auto sell zone to now cover all of E
June 21st - Lowered diamond armour drop chance in crates
June 18th - Stopped drug skill resetting in event death
June 8th - Fixed issue with chestshop sign charge
June 7th - Fixed issue with boats being able to be placed anywhere
June 2nd - Votetop reset

May 31st - Fixed issue with E Mine auto snow sell not working in all areas
May 31st - Fixed issue with E Mine reset duplicating items from schematic. Also fixed issue with items being littered from shop item frames.
May 13th - Fixed issue with plot33 sign
May 6th - Fixed issue with E mine having a hole and ores that were not mineable/collected. Also fixed hole in Citizen mine

April 29th - Fixed brick throw sound
April 28th - Disabled trails in events
April 19th - Players are now locked in the mob arena for up to 5 minutes after they spawn a boss
April 19th - Chestshop no longer displays %amount when buying/selling
April 19th - Disabled enderchest command being availible to use in the eventworld
April 14th - Faction land no longer grants money
April 14th - Fixed Miner Slaughter Token
April 13th - Disabled Christmas Elf suit & other items
April 10th - Ender Dragon now has a new drop
April 10th - Removed Christmas Carnage
April 9th - Fixed players getting free wins by glitching into lastman/pushring zones
April 9th - Fixed abusive spot in Zombie Survival
April 7th - Added Zs Axe to a crate
April 6th - Potatos & Carrots now only sell for $12 a piece
April 3rd - Shotguns no longer work in the offhand
April 2nd - Reset vote list
April 2nd - Fixed launch pads in C

March 30th - Fixed issue in which guard drops did not have the proper enchants
March 28th - Added Glitch's Bow to a crate
March 28th - Added Youngs Katana to a crate
March 28th - Ravins sword now has a 20 second cooldown and 20 second effect. Previous there was no cooldown.
March 28th - Adjusted server list player count hover to display website
March 26th - Carrots and Potatos now sell for $16
March 26th - Njord Gem cannot be used on hardcore parkour
March 26th - Hardcore parkour now resets every 2 days. Gives points, money, exp. Has hunger disabled and has a cooldown of an hour. Feedback for this parkour is welcome.
March 26th - Guards now drop crates as a guard drop, lowered guard iron drop percent, increased guard helmet drop percent.
March 26th - Readded buying of pressure plates/daylight sensors in block shop
March 21st - Disabled TNT / explosions in PlotLot world
March 21st - Disabled Guard combat tag due to bug of the NPCs allowing all guard items to drop on entity death
March 20th - Added sewer maze - Don't flush your goldfish
March 19th - Added Maelonic's cold heart to a crate
March 18th - Guards now drop the correct taser on death
March 18th - Fixed bug with fishing rod enchants costing 4 books instead of 3
March 16th - Added BINGs_MoM's custom crate item - Cinnamon Spray to a crate
March 16th - Fixed pocket sand msg not playing to target
March 16th - Fixed pocket sand sound not playing
March 16th - Added small sugarcane/melon farm
March 13th - Updated for DLS time
March 13th - Disabled handcuffs in guard elevator
March 9th - Bosses & Party packs now grant sharp 5s instead of sharp 4s

February 28th - Added SrMod
February 28th - Changed "Item Bought" to "Item purchased" in pointshop
February 27th - Added for players who are stuck - need to add command/offline option/option to send to hub
February 27th - Added Mike Pence's Jumper Cables
February 27th - Fixed bug in which Maybagels Axe would drop 8 times instead of 1 from its crate
February 24th - Re-enabled Sharp 5 enchanting for 100 levels swapped Sharp 4 to 60 levels
February 24th - Allowed /solitarystatus to be used in solitary
February 23rd - Added lore to ender bow to say ender pearls are needed
February 16th - Fixed E mine resetting with 2x ores instead of 1.5x on donation
February 16th - Hot fixed schematic issue in e mine leaving hole
February 15th - Fixed grinders on buycraft no working
February 15th - Re-added E chest selection signs
February 13th - Zeedin did E
February 13th - Fixed issue with Christmas commands exploit
February 12th - Fixed/reduced teleport lag
February 7th - Mines will now skip the next reset upon donation
February 7th - Disabled claiming in PlotLot & EventWorld
February 1st - Reset monthly vote top

January 30th - Disabled plot lot showing up on dynmap
January 18th - Disabled rain
January 17th - Fixed tutorial book displaying wrong rank price for C
January 13th - Removed Christmas crates from events prize and buycraft
January 6th - Fixed voting after server issues caused it to break
January 6th - Fixed stone monster brick having wrong price on menu
January 3rd - Removed most Christmas things

Below this spoiler is 2016
Spoiler for Hidden:
December 26th - Enabled mods building in their spawn
December 26th - Added mayobagel's crate item to the epsilon crate
December 23rd - Added commas to the staff paycheck msgs
December 22nd - Fixed bug in which malevolent assault cost nothing
December 16th - Added Christmas crates, Presents, lots of Christmas stuff and generic fixes that were not added to the change log. Majority of Christmas festivity is now complete.
December 6th - Nerfed haste for miner suite to 1 from 2
December 1st - Reduced cocain selling price
December 1st - Hosting events now requires 3 players online

November 29th - Fixed Canadian lumber breaking sound
November 28th - Removed limit on head-guard/mod tempbans
November 28th - Guards now respawn when events are running
November 28th - Smuggler can no longer be used to make draino
November 28th - Disabled mushrooms being used in eventhub/world
November 28th - Disabled guard buffs in arena
November 26th - Changed last man to only have 10 second break between clusters of drops
November 25th - Fixed issue with lava survival broadcast saying "35:14" instead of blue blocks
November 24th - Disabled pigmen spawning through portals
November 24th - Changed parkour change msg
November 24th - Set up parkour in C to change twice a day
November 24th - Changed pointy pick unbreaking to 20
November 24th - Fixed issue with players not able to eat when being hit
November 23rd - Nerfed chest drops
November 23rd - Reset crate count and fixed player crate count
November 21st - Fire may now burn down plots
November 21st - Fixed bug in which pvp toggle users couldn't be burned with lava or fire
November 21st - Fixed unbreaking items not breaking at all instead of slowly
November 20th - Fixed issue with creeper eggs from pointshop not working
November 19th - Added sugar cane to be sold for $2 a piece, increased fish & crop prices
November 18th - Stopped guards getting buffs in events
November 18th - Fixed paysigns not working
November 16th - Disabled villager trading until we introduce patch/custom trading
November 16th - Added announcement to report bugs and another for areashop friends
November 16th - Re-allowed staff to post links in chat
November 16th - Made youtube announcement
November 16th - Re-added banishment
November 16th - Ender dragon spawning now requires slime shards
November 16th - Made all of E mine area no PvP - Miner
November 16th - Disabled disguises in Push Ring, Spleef, Glass Smash & Laser Tag. - Miner
November 15th - Fixed non PvP area in solitary
November 15th - Fixed warps cancelling randomly for non staff
November 15th - Fixed announcements not running
November 15th - Increase afk kick timer to 10 minutes from 5
November 15th - Mine reset was re-enabled
November 15th - Disabled pvptoggle in freenether/end
November 15th - Fixed EU/AUS events not running
November 14th - Added /rp (resourcepack) command & broadcast
November 14th - Re-added undisguise menu option
November 14th - Added Ravinseye crate sword to either Gamma or Zeta crate ;)
November 14th - Adjusted piranhas to prevent overkill
November 14th - Disabled powerloss at /parkour
November 13th - Made PvP Toggle turn on when swapping world
November 13th - Disabled fall damage in donator mine
November 6th - Reset, new map, new crate, and lots more

September 8th - Silas Star damage was adjusted
September 6th - Rakuel/Baby Rakuel should have armour
September 3rd - Reduced particle count for enchanting table
September 3rd - Reduced particle count for anvil.

August 15th - Increased cooldown on /convicted to an hour
August 14th - Fixed potential bug with a few crate items being affected by strength
August 14th - Fixed bug with shotgun being affected by strength
August 14th - Added Rainbow trail
August 1st - Fixed launch pad sounds

July 31st - Spawning enderdragon now requires slime shards
July 31st - Fixed disk launcher and upped damage?
July 22nd - Fixed Vipers Bain not working with durability taken
July 21st - Developed Airhorns
July 21st - Fixed Serri's spoon not working when it has taken durability
July 17th - Developed Eldunari
July 17th - Added /info to /tips
July 17th - Fixed tasers not working in some cases
July 17th - Fixed bug in which sr-guard had no cool down on goldapple/food
July 16th - Added farm items & fishing rods to C area
July 16th - Buffed Guard Hound speed from 10 to 15 seconds
July 16th - Made Marksman helmets unbreakable but they still drop breakable ones on death
July 16th - Fixed ezfixslab sound
July 16th - Fixed ezfixslab

June 27th - Fixed Silas Sythe
June 25th - Fixed disguise sounds (disguises are still disabled) - Done by Geonat
June 25th - Enabled sethome in citizen areas - Done by Geonat
June 25th - Updated sign schematics for parkours - Done by Geonat
June 24th - Fixed Warden key
June 23rd - Gave everyone access to /cratecount and fixed its spelling
June 23rd - Added ranking up exception to chat rules for players who just ranked up.
June 23rd - Fixed announcement removed extra quotation
June 23rd - Announced my inactivity - Silas
June 21st - Reverted change which reduced hunger consuption rate
June 21st - Re-added back saturation, cancelled extra regen from saturation
June 20th - Reduced hunger cost to sprinting, walking, breaking blocks, regen
June 20th - Removed over saturation so now players may not regen from eating
June 20th - Players can now not get over full saturation so no extra regen. Players now burn through hunger slower.
June 19th - Added Schematica to list of approved mods
June 19th - Fixed pocket crafting table skin
June 19th - Changed Canadian Syrup cooldown to 2 minutes from 5 minutes
June 19th - Silas Sythe can no longer be used to till land (accidental tilling no longer a problem)
June 18th - Fixed tasers not being disabled
June 18th - Added macro/mods rules
June 18th - Added back option to crateshop
June 18th - Made ender dragon spawn 10 blocks above player
June 18th - Fixed Warden Claw
June 17th - Added no VPN/Proxy rule for Server/Teamspeak
June 17th - Disabled diguises in zombie arena
June 17th - Removed A2's sword from crates
June 17th - Added info room to no call list for contraband
June 16th - Denied fall damage in the baron pads area
June 15th - Fixed motto announcement grammar mistake
June 14th - Reduced Zeedin, Silas, Miner, Netherworld, Hel, armour particles should reduce pvp lag
June 14th - Added Flu Flu Bow to crates
June 14th - Fixed Silas Sythe sound
June 14th - Fixed Silas Sythe wither effect
June 14th - Added AldronAran's custom crate item to Delta Crates
June 13th - Upped crate laser damage from 2.5 hearts to 4 hearts a shot (before armour)
June 13th - Paintings are no longer cleared with clearlag but are now limited on plots/cells
June 13th - Fixed drug tutorial announcement link
June 12th - Specified racism rules
June 12th - Fixed Block Limiter counting a sign when it was broken by placement
June 11th - Denied placement of Laser & Canadian Lumber
June 11th - Specified guard no calling zones in the guard rules
June 9th - Temp fixed guard dog disguise
June 8th - Fixed mines not resetting after restart
June 8th - Re-enabled strength potions
June 8th - Fixed potion blocking
June 8th - Disabled Lingering potions
June 8th - Updated WG and should have fixed potion blocking
June 4th - Fixed dud crates
June 4th - Did lots of optimization
June 4th - Fixed cocaine, it now prevents hunger
June 4th - Fixed meth, it now prevents hunger
June 3rd - Disabled snow golem spawning on plots
June 2nd - Somewhat fixed an issue with disguises
June 2nd - Fixed issue with zeedin juice not working

May 29th - Fixed villager disguise issue
May 28th - Fixed issue with Silas Star
May 26th - Fixed warp perms
May 25th - Fixed chest drops being broken since we updated
May 25th - Fixed spelling mistake in paycheck
May 25th - Changed plot contest theme to summer
May 22nd - Fixed bug with event prize crate not working
May 22nd - Reworked crates, 5 new types of crates many new rare items
May 21st - Disabled crafting of enchanted arrows
May 21st - Announced next plot contest: Memes
May 19th - Fixed nohunger again
May 19th - Fixed falling into floor bug
May 19th - Fixed chestshops being able to be opened by users who were not the owner
May 19th - Fixed bug with magma & slime disguise purchasing
May 19th - Changed vote announcement msg
May 16th - Re-enabled and fixed enderdragon spawning since mojang dicked it
May 16th - Added reset detox option at jail to clear drug values
May 16th - Enabled breaking of other players chestshop signs
May 13th - Disabled Silas Sythe everwhere tasers are disabled
May 13th - Fixed trails
May 12th - Disabled /espawn in enemy faction territory
May 12th - Fixed dragon breath sound
May 9th - Nerfed Zeedin, Miner, and Netherworld armour
May 7th - Fixed netherworld life steal sound
May 3rd - Increase miner armour night vision duration to prevent flashing when expiring
May 3rd - Changed voter cmd sign to display month
May 3rd - Fixed trail sounds (screw mojang)
May 3rd - Disabled minecarts with hoppers, and furnaces
May 3rd - Fixed trails
May 3rd - Fixed dynmap
May 3rd - Fixed parkour 33 (god dammit astral)
May 3rd - Fixed spawner packages not giving spawner
May 3rd - Added Player count to Teamspeak banner #ZeedinDidSomething

April 30th - Fixed sound for zeedin drink
April 30th - Increased strength damage from 1.5 per level to 2 hearts per level
April 30th - Fixed bug with dragon skulls not being properly blocked
April 28th - Fixed bug with sythe allowing users out the jail
April 24th - Fixed Multi bug with tree replant/block parties
April 24th - Fixed bug with suffix's after donation expiry
April 23rd - Fixed lasertag sound
April 23rd - Fixed Leap pads & Silas Sythe
April 23rd - Increased guard strength
April 20th - Fixed sound for throw
April 15th - Rebalanced armour
April 15th - Removed regeneration from miner armour
April 15th - Added new shotgun texture & fixed shotgun sounds
April 15th - Fixed shotgun shells not dropping
April 15th - Changed taser item, now clocks will have their old texture
April 14th - Limited dragon heads to 2 on plots & armour stands on other plots
April 14th - Added /an as /announce alias
April 14th - Added /jailstatus to commands allowed in jail
April 13th - Announced new plot contest
April 13th - Fixed some sounds
April 13th - Added a cooldown to guard re-armour as a temp fix
April 12th - Factions should be fixed with friendlyfire now not working between faction members
April 12th - Updated Moderator App
April 8th - Nerfed Zeedin armour resistance to level 1
April 6th - Fixed crate sound (Mojang broke it)
April 6th - Fixed Ocelot Disguise (Mojang broke it)
April 6th - Re-added PvP Protection for 30 minutes when a user donates
April 2nd - Disabled Guard combat tag due to bug of the NPCs allowing all guard items to drop on entity death
April 1st - Readded combat action bar
April 1st - Somewhat fixed the teleporting into floor glitch by raising the warp location into the air a bit. On going process of fixing warps.
April 1st - Announced monthly vote winners
April 1st - Spring sale has now ended

March 30th - Fixed bug with kick messages not being displayed correctly
March 28th - Fixed bug with standard street heroin
March 27th - Fixed bug with creeper eggs not being given from point shop
March 25th - Fixed bug with muted players being able to speak to admins
March 25th - Fixed bug with axes allowing for extra damage
March 19th - Removed guards dropping crates
March 15th - Fixed Canadian lumber
March 15th - Added Spring2016 donation code and message
March 10th - Changed death messages for a bit till they can be properly fixed
March 9th - Adjusted shotgun damage
March 9th - Fixed limit on tempbans/mutes
March 7th - Added "/as unrent <region>" command so now users may unrent their regions such as cells
March 7th - Updated /points to display limit of 4 not 20 for mining stone
March 7th - Voting now runs on a different IP so now a DDoS won't take out our voting (although 1 site is down as a result of this but should be fixed soon)
March 7th - Fixed /smelt issues for Free-Baron non donators (well should be fixed)
March 7th - Made it so staff no longer are shown on dynmap when using /leave and /join
March 7th - Should have finally fixed all perms issues
March 5th - Fixed guard buffs
March 3rd - Fixed grinder donation packs
March 3rd - Removed Bitcoin donations & broadcasts about it
March 3rd - Added new plots which can be expanded - Done by Zeedin
March 3rd - Fixed bug in which selling blaze shards 5 only took 1
March 3rd - Announced new plot contest st patricks day themed
March 2nd - Announced votetop & reset winners

February 24th - Significantly reduced the price that some drugs sell for at smuggler
February 23rd - Re-enabled guard buffs being dynamic, won't cause lag this time
February 23rd - Fixed bug with being able to harvest leaves in baron
February 22nd - Changed case for donation message
February 21st - Reworked handcuff for guards and added constant pvp option
February 19th - Fixed suffix for donators not applying
February 19th - Removed first caps on first join msg
February 19th - Re-enabled guard buffs being dynamic since most of the cmd lag is gone
February 19th - Fixed issue with new player message being displayed to those with hours playtime but no minutes
February 19th - Fixed bug with former mods being able to execute clear chat command
February 17th - Fixed double undisguise bug
February 17th - Added Courtyard-C & Citizen warp to /warp for staff, fixed some colouring, also gave it a proper layout
February 17th - Fixed selling of 5x enderman & pigman shards
February 16th - Gave everyone access to /tutorial it now has unlimited use
February 16th - Changed method for not displaying new player messages
February 15th - Fixed suffixes not applying to donators
February 14th - Gave everyone perms to /pvpstatus
February 14th - Fixed motto spelling
February 14th - Fixed bug with /pmoto
February 14th - Upped rate in which guards get buffs again
February 14th - Nerfed strength by half
February 13th - Nuked old donators who should have expired
February 13th - Enabled vine growth in the plot wing
February 11th - Reworked guards
February 11th - Fixed grammar issue with ct tag msg
February 10th - Added pmoto broadcast
February 10th - Added /pmoto so users can set their msg on the staff page
February 6th - Made it so you can't get more than 4 points from mining stone
February 6th - Fixed issue with experience bottles costing slightly more in pointshop
February 3rd - reduced block limit recount from every 12 hours to 1 hour, now if someones plot is at the wrong amount it will be broken for an hour at most
February 3rd - Added plotwing b to /warp and changed icons
February 3rd - decreased cost of 35 lv enchants slightly since they were overcharging
February 3rd - Enabled /fc in pvp
February 3rd - Enabled /home in event hub
February 2nd - Removed the ability for Mod + Head-Guard to see alts with /bminfo
February 1st - Fixed wrong enchant cost for looting 1

January 31st - Announce plot contest winner
January 31st - Cleared votetop
January 31st - Announced votetop winners
January 26th - Denied placing of blocks in Citizen mine
January 20th - Fixed broadcast with rogue quotation mark
January 19th - Added smuggler! Drugs & gold apples can now be bought. Shards & drugs can now be sold
January 18th - Finished cellblock-b done by Zeedin
January 17th - Added unjail to commands allowed in combat
January 15th - Hopefully re-enabled hoppers
January 15th - Hopefully fixed permissions issues
January 12th - Fixed lag again...
January 10th - Put render distance back up to 10
January 10th - Fixed B mine nightvision
January 10th - Fixed hell survival
January 10th - Fixed dynmap not updating
January 10th - Re-enabled hoppers with a slower pulse rate. Now every 1 second as opposed to 2.5x per second.
January 10th - Fixed cafe dropping items behind the doors
January 10th - Removed cafe "done serving" message
January 7th - Fixed main source of lag and crashes
January 6th - Fixed bug which allowed warping by /warp to allow users to run into entry-denied areas for a brief time
January 6th - Increased prefix characters by 4
January 4th - Changed up some guard application forms
January 4th - Disabled fall damage in citizen/baron
January 1st - Fixed mine night vision

Below this spoiler is 2015
Spoiler for Hidden:
December 30th - Increased rate of C tree farm auto replant, now every 15m from 20m
December 29th - Fixed bug which portable chest keeper would allow players to bank items in PvP
December 29th - Added portable enderchest, portable crafting table, and made portable items category
December 29th - Changed domain to properly direct to the store, now all pages loaded are under
December 29th - Fixed bans limit on a-guards
December 27th - Fixed /texturepack
December 27th - Removed Christmas points and added a single crate as an event prize
December 27th - Removed lifetime donator plain pack as it was too confusing for some people. Also reworded some things on the shop
December 26th - Made it so disguises now will not make people appear to be leather, go invisible, and will be generally less buggy. There is a new bug to do with unbreaking armour tho
December 26th - Made it so if wardens want to mail someone they must /mailon <name> to enable their mail first, now players don't get a "you have no new mail" message unless your mail has been enabled
December 26th - Changed join welcome message
December 26th - Fixed bug with PvP manager blocking logins when someone combat logged
December 26th - Re-added in resourcepack
December 25th - Fixed bug with halloween trail not being added in all trails
December 24th - Made it so guards can jail while in combat
December 24th - Removed limit on prismarine from plots, was there from a while back testing
December 24th - Adjusted replant times so they replant times so they don't overlap as often
December 24th - Fixed all slaughter tokens dropping from a warden on death
December 23rd - Fixed some shop signs & chestkeeper signs
December 23rd - Adjusted some ban manager messages
December 23rd - Removed A2's foot due to adding of custom Donator crate items, it no longer drops and was replaced by a 32 gold apple crate
December 23rd - Fixed obsolete scheduled command RIL
December 23rd - Reworked Silas Sythe to be less predictable
December 23rd - Updated bungee, hopefully fixed some connection issues
December 20th - Temporarily disabled hoppers
December 20th - Added /texturepack command
December 19th - Increased hopper tick time to once every 20 ticks (1 second) as opposed to every 8 ticks, might break some players machines.
December 19th - /stoplag no longer clears armour stands
December 19th - Upped mob spawning rate, changed hoppers to alt ticking method
December 19th - Removed PvP protection for donators due to bug
December 19th - Enabled faction chat in PvP
December 19th - Decreased unloadchunks time to 30 minutes as opposed to 1 hour, might be more frequent second lags but should benefit more in the long run
December 19th - Reworked 3D printed amount/description & added a custom crate item for donators over $150
December 18th - Fixed potential exploit with a hidden command
December 16th - Made mod room rules - S_Ryan
December 16th - Fixed witches spawning in the courtyard - Geonat
December 16th - Re-enabled item stacking to prevent lag
December 16th - Made it so dragon death sound is not universal
December 16th - Lowered server render distance to 8
December 16th - Adjusted some server settings, might affect mob/players. Hopefully will improve lag
December 15th - Removed Dynmap triggers so it won't update as often now, ideally will render a bit still
December 14th - Readded pvp protection for 30 minutes after someone donates
December 14th - Updated PvP Manager, removed some messages
December 13th - Nerfed iron crate sword to sharp 4
December 11th - Removed dynamic textures - resourcepack will now be global, hopefully less disconnects.
December 11th - Increased cost of unbreaking enchants in pointshop
December 11th - Added shard types to /shards
December 11th - Removed Minetrack, added new voting site.
December 10th - Added /plotwing command
December 10th - Made Diamond crate sword drop sharp 4 instead of sharp 5 now. Sharp 5 should be rare now
December 10th - Removed tag messages for some cases since there's the new bar. They'll be properly removed at another time.
December 10th - Added Combat tag bar
December 10th - Added Plugin Manager
December 8th - Copied over optimization
December 7th - Added knowledge, snow, and flower trails
December 6th - Multithreaded MCP -Zeedin
December 5th - Optimized MCP/MS now it should not lag as bad when lots of people are on. Stuff might have broken
December 5th - Properly disabled PVP in free
December 5th - Slightly nerfed morgul blade
December 5th - Removed knockback from zeedins bow
December 5th - Switched from RIL to BL
December 4th - Fixed bug in Zombie Arena with mobs staying behind from previous round. Made mobs despawn after 5 minutes.
December 3rd - Fixed rare chance of crates dropping nothing
December 3rd - Fixed spelling for standard street heroin
December 3rd - Made pointshop menu stay open after buying crates, or items
December 2nd - Found source of unknown account in eco it was an NPC uuid: c819c101-fd9e-3755-b1db-f9994e02ff20
December 1st - Raised height for /parkour tp region
December 1st - Fixed bug with enchanting cost for looting 2
December 1st - Enabled sethome in plots
December 1st - Removed crates mystery box sound, removed shifting requirement, and made them appear instantly
December 1st - Christmasified MCP
December 1st - Added Christmas points
December 1st - Doubled voting exp for december
December 1st - Reset top voters

November 30th - Fixed events not giving 30 levels
November 29th - Fixed tasers in events
November 29th - Updated mod rules to list them as guidelines
November 29th - Added depth strider to enchanting
November 28th - Fixed undisguise button
November 28th - Added Convicted staff to demote hall
November 28th - Added George slaughter token
November 28th - Fixed /guardhealth for guards
November 28th - Fixed guards being warped to emine with /mines
November 27th - Fixed cost for unbreaking 2 on armour
November 27th - Fixed a-guard, head-guard, and mod unbanning of players they banned
November 27th - Fixed donator /mine command
November 27th - Disabled beacons in plots
November 27th - Made Stormys crate drops an official link:
November 27th - Fixed Baron jump pads #RipCraftinCreeper
November 27th - Made EZ fix slabs last forever
November 27th - Fixed dead rules link
November 25th - Fixed tutorial book money amount error
November 24th - Added more MOTDs
November 24th - Removed trail announcements
November 24th - Added Thanksgiving Donation code "MURICAGIVING" and announcement
November 24th - Added Welcome Convicted users announcements
November 24th - Fixed usercache error...? I hope
November 24th - Fixed lasertag invisibility
November 23rd - Pro Party Pack now gives P4
November 23rd - Apparently Dynmap fixed itself?
November 23rd - Fixed daytime events skipping a few
November 23rd - Acquired Convicted [1/4]
November 23rd - Fixed beta bow durability issue
November 23rd - Fixed Canadian lumber breaking in 1 hit
November 23rd - Fixed Shroom potential exploit
November 23rd - Fixed bug which caused players to auto respawn
November 23rd - Changed PvP new player protection message
November 23rd - Switched to custom antibuild method, now lag is greatly reduced/should be. If not check out MS
November 22nd - Removed literally every kick action from Nocheat, if a player gets bugged out by moving and are kicked it should not be nocheat. Only chat kicks remain, if someone is kicked from bugging out please let me know.
November 22nd - Made it so Canadian lumber can shatter
November 22nd - Disabled pocket sand & silas sythe in nomagic areas
November 21st - Changed E mine to drop snowballs once again with auto convert & adjusted donator mines percentages
November 21st - Added tutorial book to starter kit
November 21st - Added announcement for restart times
November 21st - Changed restart times to 9 AM/PM PST or 12 AM/PM EST hopefully will align better with low player hours
November 21st - Changed MOTD to say over 100 crate drops
November 21st - Added Silas armour
November 20th - Temp fixed beta bow
November 19th - Added beta bow to crates
November 19th - Added messages to display how many events have run/which # an event currently is
November 19th - Added Skydive and Zombie Arena to late night events
November 19th - Cleaned up events config
November 19th - Guards now get 6 extra hearts
November 18th - Fixed lag from rapidly mining
November 17th - Re-enabled crafting and placing of snow slices?
November 16th - Made it so a-mobfarm no longer spawns mobs naturally and now only does it by spawners, should decrease the mass build up
November 16th - Made guards spawn with 3 golden apples
November 16th - Changed pvp manager messages
November 16th - All players now have access to /tips & its warps
November 16th - Fixed /tips rank colours
November 16th - Changed ban hammer message to look less like poop
November 16th - Removed a bunch of needless caps in events
November 16th - Removed pumpkinsmash
November 16th - Made it so falling in an event now puts you spectating that event
November 16th - Made block party floor bedrock
November 16th - Fixed broken side block in bullrush schematic that was driving me insane
November 15th - Fixed A-Guard doors
November 15th - Fixed A mob farm doors
November 15th - Reduced velocity on A mob farm jump pads
November 15th - Fixed bug with B pistons not working due to workguard fuckery
November 15th - Changed C Tree Farm reset from 30 minutes to 20
November 15th - Added rare pepes
November 14th - Updated Virtual Players
November 14th - Made it so nameplates are not displayed on admin disguises
November 14th - Added/fixed the ability to place armour stands on plots -Zeedin
November 14th - Updated MCP
November 14th - Once again fixed guard paycheck
November 13th - Update pvpmanager, fixed console errors
November 12th - Fixed guard paycheck timer increase, should stop increase for all non guards
November 6th - Doubled conversion rate for donator sandstone
November 4th - Fixed text error in tnt drop
November 4th - Added miner armour, pick, and also EZ Fix Slabs
November 1st - Increased tolerance for player movement, hopefully prevents rubberbanding
November 1st - Removed fly kick, hopefully will stop the spam kick
November 1st - Added Shadow Trail

October 31st - Increased some NCP grace, hopefully helped rubber banding issue
October 31st - Slightly changed dc/join message
October 31st - Prevented overlap of darude/other songs
October 31st - Added darude command for wardens /darudeon <name> /darudeoff <name>
October 31st - Added announcement for manual texturepack download
October 30th - Fixed block shop mistake
October 30th - To clear up lag switched to a different new player protection system along with a new combat tag (CT might have bugs until tomorrow)
October 30th - Made statement/instated future/current rules.
October 30th - Edited MOTD so now they can be changed easier, may be slight differences.
October 30th - Fixed beacons on hub and made them slightly less reactive.
October 29th - Fixed pvpmanager fucking itself.
October 28th - Added a deeper option for warden vanish. Instead of /silent on/off toggling whether you join silently and in vanish all it controls is whether you play the join/leave message. If you want to join in vanish and silently type "/vjon" and "/vjoff"
October 27th - Fixed pumpkinsmash not giving prize to winner
October 27th - Changed how vanish works for wardens. Admins who use the command "/silent on" makes it so there is no join message for you until you type "/silent off". If a warden now types "/leave" it will disable join/leave messages and make them join the game in vanish until they type "/join".
October 26th - Disabled guard buffs in donator
October 26th - Added invisible join/leave for admins
October 22nd - Tested and discovered no bugs with pocket sand
October 22nd - Fixed unbreaking shovel breaking when mining snow
October 20th - Fixed lag bug caused by mining
October 20th - Added owl helmet to crates
October 20th - Added Monster Brick to crates
October 19th - Fixed water/fire trail not displaying in GUI
October 19th - Added slime trail
October 19th - Changed disguises to not be removed when someone takes fall damage
October 19th - Added banishment, a new punishment which sends players to a huge maze which is very hard to escape. Banishment is like jail but is an alternative for banning players (we really want them to suffer). Banished players cannot chat or do commands so they are stuck. Banishment only goes down when a player is online. If a player makes it to the end of the maze by some miracle they can be free and really impress me. For wardens: To banish a player you must type "/banish <name> <time> (time is simply the number, no format needs to be specified, time is in minutes, (1440 = 1 day, 10080 = a week). When banishing a player make sure to type their name in a case sensitive format.
October 18th - Added more generic items to point shop
October 16th - Fixed maze resetting and added donator maze
October 15th - Added particles & sound to torch attacks
October 15th - Made it so hitting players with torches can randomly set them on fire
October 15th - Added Halloween donation code "halloween" for 40% off till November 1st
October 11th - Changed taser texture
October 10th - Added pocket sand so players with 20+ hours playtime can randomly acquire it roughly every 3.3 hours
October 10th - Fixed mine night vision being broken and applying in wrong areas
October 10th - Added it so now in donator sandstone it auto converts 64 sandstone into $128 to prevent lag from players ignoring sandstone
October 7th - Changed pvptoggle messages
October 6th - Made prison look like dick
October 5th - Fixed pvptoggle
October 5th - Increased unbreaking on starter pick
October 5th - Reset most nocheat shit, going to tweak on player feedback
October 5th - Removed power loss in events
October 5th - Made it so all mobs die at the end of zombie arena
October 5th - Changed message for ground items clearing
October 4th - Improved event messages
October 4th - Disabled /suicide in enemy territory, if it doesn't work someone let me know
October 4th - Added back option in pointshop menu
October 4th - Changed up block party - Done by geonat
October 4th - Cleaned up new player join message
October 4th - Updated /shards help to display proper shard count
October 4th - Fixed /parkour warping new players to cafe
October 3rd - Added back button to disguise menus
October 3rd - Added A2's left foot to crates
October 3rd - Added custom icons for buycraft
October 3rd - Enabled enderpearls in free
October 2nd - Geonat changed guard taser signs to prevent mass buying
October 2nd - Fixed guard handcuffs
October 2nd - Added Halloween trail
October 2nd - Reworked currency price in donation shop, much better deals now
October 2nd - Added announcement for trail price decrease
October 2nd - Made each trail only $10
October 2nd - Made some things in buycraft look nicer
October 2nd - Lowered price of mobs heads & player head packs
October 1st - Reddit ads went live today
October 1st - Added plotwing warp to warp menu
October 1st - Reset votes for the month
October 1st - Announced plot contest
October 1st - Added Dynmap command, announcements, and signs.

September 30th - Removed potion donation packs
September 29th - Added disguise blocks
September 29th - Fixed grammar mistake with broadcast
September 29th - Properly fixed vote bug
September 29th - Added admin disguises & skeleton/wither skeleton disguise
September 29th - Added Blaze & Squid disguise
September 29th - Added new announcements to broadcast disguise changes
September 29th - Fixed undisguise option in /d menu
September 29th - Greatly reduced the cost of some disguises & added more
September 29th - Fixed vote bug of some second votes not registering
September 29th - Switched staff since times from M/D/Y to D/M/Y - will murder anyone who uses wrong format
September 28th - Added Jeff
September 28th - Fixed bug spamming console related to noteblocks due to you fuckers
September 28th - Added particles to zeedin/netherworld suits
September 27th - Fixed repair being cheaper for all players since I broke playtime
September 26th - Added powers to Jarder
September 26th - Re-added thorns to netherworld armour
September 26th - Trippled cost of obsidian in block shop
September 26th - Disabled pvp toggle in anywhere but the prison world
September 26th - Removed selling of no hunger
September 26th - Lowered rate of playtime conversion - increased rate hour updating
September 26th - Fixed bug with players being able to run /cast BrickPain5
September 26th - Added Shia suicide
September 26th - Added manual mine reset command
September 26th - Added admin notifier for those who interact with noteblocks
September 26th - Updated announcements
September 26th - Increased drug overdose effect
September 26th - Fixed lore on zeedin juice
September 26th - Fixed bug with zeedin boots being his chestplate
September 25th - Removed ability for books to be bought in shops
September 25th - Updated donator mine nightvision
September 25th - Converted Playtime to hours, might take a while for players playtime to convert
September 25th - Made Zeedin armour unbreaking
September 25th - Added stun to bricks
September 24th - Upped vote reminder rate
September 24th - Lowered repair cost for players with less than 300 Minutes online
September 24th - Added TNT to crates
September 24th - Renamed starting armour to prison jumpsuit
September 24th - Added points as event prize (icon is a cactus because it's pointy)
September 24th - Removed thorns from new Netherworld Armour
September 24th - Changed repair cost from emeralds to iron ingot, gold ingot, and diamond
September 24th - Added announcement for bbobs drug tutorial
September 24th - Added announcement on how to change servers
September 24th - Fixed snow breaking, items now take durability
September 23rd - Upped guard buffs a bit
September 22nd - Made announcements occur every 4 minutes as opposed to 5
September 22nd - Made /votetop a thing, now top monthly prize
September 22nd - Made voting look like not poop
September 22nd - Fixed mine reset missing cycle after restart (I think)
September 22nd - Added portable chests to buycraft shop and crates (low low chance for crates pls still gib donat)
September 21st - Added A-Guard spawn - Built by Zeedin like everything else
September 21st - Upped faction land farm to $50 per chunk
September 21st - Added faction chat (again)
September 21st - Announced we're adding Dynamic Map on October 1st
September 21st - Fixed /cast pointmenu being allowed in areas with /ps denied
September 21st - Lowered repair cost in donator from $25k to $15k #theydidthemonstermath
September 21st - Set it so now faction accounts are enabled, factions earn $5 per chunk hourly divided between all members, faction cost has been added for certain things, paying for faction related things must come from the account.
September 21st - Spent a stupid amount of time looking for a work around of a bug. Then realized I could solve the problem in literally one minute but I was too fucking stupid to realize it. Made it so when a new player (anyone below free rank) types "/warp" it now automatically runs "/tips". However if someone with warp perms runs it the warp menu pops up. If above free but no warp perms runs it nothing will happen. ps possibly dicked warps
September 20th - Lowered spawner point drop to 2.5
September 20th - Fixed bug with players disguising in events
September 20th - Fixed some parkours. Done by the lovely Geonat
September 20th - Reduced spawner point drop to 5
September 20th - Fixed Geonat slaughter token
September 19th - Fixed crate bug with disk launcher
September 19th - Fixed b-guards not spawning in elevator. Reported by stormybee
September 19th - Added Squid and Blaze shards to crates, crates now also drop 5 shards
September 19th - Implemented MCP Diamond PMC Rewards
September 19th - Updated MCP announcements
September 19th - Added Blaze & Squid shards, also increased shard cost to spawn dragon
September 17th - Added Citizen block shop -Zeedin #OnlyTook3MapsToFinish
September 17th - Added diamond armour to crates
September 16th - Added new donation package for colour tab prefix & also tweaked some buycraft stuff
September 16th - Name tags were changed to display ranks
September 16th - Minecarts now work on the plots of others
September 16th - Spawners now drop points when broken
September 16th - Enabled vehicle place in plots
September 14th - Added crates
September 11th - Fixed staff not being removed from fac on demote
September 7th - Added God dam mountains -Zeedin
September 7th - Changed renting regions so now citizen buildings can be rented
September 4th - Added/Built "Quarry" Citizen Mine -Zeedin
September 4th - Fixed bug with Kabeth not being spawn-able
September 4th - Fixed flashflood bug
September 3rd - Changed donation msg to be more colourful
September 2nd - New guard info boards
September 2nd - Made C block sign board actually usable
September 2nd - New donation code: "BACKTOSCHOOL" for 50% off until September 15th
September 2nd - Made mobs actually work in new mob arena
September 1st - New Mob/Boss Arena -Zeedin

August 27th (A great Day) - Fixed the random C block hole. Cause Astrals Shit parkour's #Demoted, Bug found by Zeedin screwing around.  GG
August 27th - had to change skeleton shards, old ones will no longer work.
August 26th - shards are now physical, previous shards were wiped.
August 24th - nerfed guard resistance bonus
August 24th - set up citizen to free portals
August 17th - added Ban web UI -Zeedin
August 16th - added /trees command to /tips
August 14th - added /cells command for new players
August 14th - added books to new player kit
August 11th - fixed issue with enderdragon still giving extra exp
August 6th - updated combat tag, wither bug would be fixed.
August 5th - changed frequency of clearlag notifications
August 3rd - changed "coming soon message" for point shop.
August 1st - new Info/Staff/Tutorial Room -Zeedin (About time Eh #3years)

July 31st - fixed a bug with enderdragon giving more exp
July 27th - fixed bug with non donator guards being able to /warp into donator
July 12th - fixed issue with offline player groups
July 12th - fixed unbreaking point shop costing 10 more than it displayed - reported by Nate
July 10th - fixed out of the map bug - reported by Zs
July 10th - fixed voting issue with case sensitivity
July 10th - fixed flash flood bug?
July 8th - setup world border -Zeedin (I do some things in MCP...)
July 8th - fixed laser tag/events
July 6th - fixed snow breaking
July 6th - fixed new heads not being updated
July 6th - removed plugin. Enderdragon now gives slayer a set value of 3000 experience and breaking snow blocks might have slightly changed
July 6th - renamed "Safezone" to "Neutral"
July 3rd - fixed plot wing portals
July 1st - new rule "Guards/Staff who change their name to something completely different will be demoted"
July 1st - fixed cafe
July 1st - fixed parkour change (Thanks Geo/Astral for building them)

June 21st - fixed zombie arena
June 21st - fixed enchantments
June 16th - new map
June 14th - properly fixed painkillers
June 13th - fixed exploit
June 12th - fixed painkillers
June 9th - re-enabled armor stands with a limit
June 5th - added drug handcuff to guards
June 5th - fixed drug meth creation exploit
June 3rd - disabled coupon announcement for summer
June 3rd - gave mods & hg perms to unban players they banned
June 2nd - started drug trial

May 23rd - added American Donation code for Summer break "USSUMMER" for 33% off. Second one will be coming soon.
May 18th - formatted the MOTD -Zeedin
May 15th - blocked disguises being turned on in events
May 14th - fixed non donators using donator warp to enter donator
May 14th - fixed dragon fire
May 10th - updated ban manager
May 9th - fixed head-guards not being able to ban offline players.
May 7th - blocked sapling placement in B mine
May 6th - added sound effects to disguises upon selection. Let me know if sound needs adjusting.
May 5th - fixed bug with c-e prisoners being able to use /tips commands to escape jail
May 5th - came to conclusion that not executing offline donator packs were from lack of capitalization
May 5th - fixed guards getting double gear on respawn after death in event
May 5th - added reboot msg on hub
May 3rd - removed random timestamp message for the server
May 3rd - got rid of the white around these emotes kappamar zerglin sc2prob
May 3rd - fixed bug with tasers not taking charges
May 3rd - tasers now only use guard tasers. All tasers prior to this will not work.
May 3rd - promoted 2 new guards; Killjoy & Cougarboy
May 3rd - added particles/sound to repairing
May 3rd - added particles/sound to enchanting
May 3rd - new change log url
May 3rd - added tax to Chest Shop sales
May 3rd - added chestshop history
May 3rd - cleared bloat worlds on the test server
May 3rd - updated announcements for new features.
May 3rd - Re enabled Banner placement & item limits in plots. - Still need to solve armour stands issue.
May 3rd - fixed multicraft fuckery causing lag
May 3rd - changed it so all disguises now come with their baby versions
May 3rd - added wolf disguise in buycraft shop $10
May 3rd - added wolf spawner in buycraft shop $10
May 3rd - added /parkour in /tips

April 28th - fixed disguises in laser tag
April 28th - fixed furnaces in E
April 18th - added protection 4 & the new pointy bow to the point shop. Hurrah for Craftin who finally bought the Pick so I had to add new items.
April 12th - got Fear to change his stupid ass name
April 11th - fixed issue with bans. Ban list was reset along with mutes.
April 11th - fixed baron free world portal
April 7th - removed power loss in events
April 7th - made it so next mine reset will be skipped after a donation
April 7th - made 5 minute auto afk kick
April 7th - removed event inv clear messages
April 7th - removed event armour/cheating messages
April 7th - attempted to fix server times. Probably dicked it and will end up with 19 skype messages about how no one can log on. Shit decided to freeze half way, hopefully everything synced fine.
April 7th - removed easter sale msg/sign
April 7th - added hub to admin warps
April 3rd - fixed mines/events

March 30th - fixed enderpearl being blocked breaking enderman disguise
March 26th - fixed Youtube/Spoiler img. - Done by Zeedin
March 23rd - denied enerpearls in prison
March 22nd - made throwing 2 enderpearls in prison fatal due to bug
March 17th - new rule: 12. If bypass a ban with an alternate account both your accounts will be permanently banned.
March 17th - changed maze announcement to display that it is in Baron
March 16th - added ocelot disguise
March 14th - made it so apples can no longer be bought
March 14th - fixed bug which hell survival did no appear on arena menu. Turns out Mojang broke it
March 14th - fixed bug in which mobs did not target disguised players
March 13th - fixed ban messages
March 12th - re added inventory saving/loading in events. Now I just need to fix events
March 12th - added limit of 3 unban packs per player
March 12th - fixed enderpearl dupe
March 9th - made it so players loose their disguise when attacking
March 9th - blocked enderpearls in different manner
March 9th - panicBasket updated the server, fixed shit tons of bugs that came with said update panicBasket
March 3rd - disabled eechest command in events
March 2nd - increased guard armor strength
March 1st - fixed enderdragon egg exploit

February 28th - blocked command /eechest from being used in pvp
February 28th - added some emoticons:  snoopdawg Kappa panicBasket pedobear rekt riPepperonis salt illuminati partyhat dogemaster GG kappaswag noob nukez kappabane Keepo - Done by Zeedin
February 27th - gave guards speed 2 when taking damage
February 26th - fixed /cafe command
February 25th - disabled /warp in pvp
February 22nd - fixed invisibility in laser tag
February 22nd - made it so enderdragon slaying now drops egg by slayer if their inventory is full
February 19th - fixed people with sheep disguise being able to see baby sheep disguise option.
February 15th - changed tasers to use poison as opposed to wither so players can't be tased to death in safe zones. Will increase damage done by tasers a slight amount.
February 11th - fixed plots not clearing along with changing plots to support name changes.
February 9th - fixed tasing in free area
February 8th - fixed tasing in citizen
February 6th - ordered and ate pizza
February 5th - changed point shop potions to have proper icon
February 1st - fixed invisible disguise issue (temp fix)
February 1st - guard rules page

January 30th - ate pizza
January 30th - order pizza
January 29th - changed up block party. Done by Geonat <3
January 28th - added new warden
January 28th - added "all trails on" option in trails menu
January 27th - fixed disguises
January 26th - fixed bug with player hosted spleef running all following events after.
January 23rd - ate pizza
January 23rd - ordered pizza
January 23rd - saw a dragon
January 18th - ate pizza
January 18th - ordered pizza
January 17th - fixed teleporting in pvp exploit
January 17th - fixed mod paycheck
January 17th - removed christmas perm removal
January 17th - trimmed baileys beard
January 12th - fixed issue with selling plots for incorrect amount
January 12th - updated transfer page
January 11th - fixed new guards getting 60x paychecks until admin intervention, perhaps I screwed paychecks completely, who knows
January 11th - made it so wardens/me get put into gm 0 when entering events
January 11th - removed christmas perms, remind myself to remove it in like a month
January 11th - removed sky dive beta tag
January 10th - added new plot system
January 8th - changed spawners in buycraft to be ordered by price. Suggested by Geo
January 8th - added Clear Enchant option in anvil. Suggested by Bigwar2012
January 8th - added Zombie Arena to official events cycle, feedback still wanted and issue with guard armour needs to be addressed
January 4th - made progress on Zombie Arena
January 4th - fixed spelling mistake in event messages
January 3rd - ate pizza
January 3rd - ordered pizza
January 2nd - added the new basement donation package! Thanks to craftincreeper for helping me test it by donating!
January 2nd - removed christmas messages
January 1st - disabled top of the nether travel
January 1st - fixed paid laser tag from running all following events if ending at certain time. Reported by b_bob

Below this spoiler is 2014
Spoiler for Hidden:
December 31st - ate pizza, happy new years to me!
December 31st - ordered pizza
December 31st - disabled astrals fucked up parkours and yelled at him for being an idiot
December 30th - changed diamond prize icon from diamond ore into diamonds
December 29th - added parkour fall auto warp so players can try as many times as they want
December 29th - fixed ftp timeout. Done by Zeedin PRAISE THE LORD ALL MIGHTY
December 28th - added test servers to admin server warps + added warp selector to flint for admins
December 28th - added /forums to tips command and also did other things I forget what I did
December 28th - ate an impressive amount of pizza
December 28th - ordered pizza
December 28th - fixed auto parkour change with 50 new parkours thanks to Astral and Claire
December 26th - removed most Christmas stuff
December 26th - fixed bug with spelling error in Christmas trail
December 26th - fixed bug with item drops in eventrooms
December 26th - fixed baron maze. Done by Zeedin 
December 26th - added bug token command for wardens
December 26th - Cleared inactive plots
December 26th - fixed /demote command for warden use
December 26th - fixed forum announcement
December 24th - added disposal sign outside of donator mob farm
December 22nd - ate pizza
December 22nd - fixed glass smash door not opening. Reported by Efex
December 22nd - fixed bug in which guards dropped items when dying in events. Reported by Efex
December 22nd - added glass smash sound in event glass smash
December 22nd - ordered pizza
December 22nd - removed faction defending home buff. Suggested by Efex
December 22nd - fixed factions home bug. Reported by Efex
December 22nd - fixed mine reset being canceled by restart
December 22nd - added /head command for those updating info room
December 22nd - attempted to fix mob spawning
December 22nd - added new event "glass smash" taking place of tnt run since it had lag issues
December 21st - ate pizza
December 21st - slightly decreased levels required to do some enchants as it required more than listed
December 21st - decreased spawning area in a mob farm
December 21st - ordered pizza
December 21st - /events command for c-e blockers
December 21st - fixed citizen mine reset.... I think
December 21st - added /tips /bank /smelt  for c-e blockers
December 20th - fixed teamspeak link
December 20th - change /who list to display what rank people are in, might remove it though. 
December 20th - fixed guard armour bug, new trail donor caused armour to be cleared
December 20th - re added night vision in mines and fixed bugs
December 19th - added a "Pointy Pick" to the point shop menu
December 19th - increased light in an attempt to decrease the danger level of A mob farm
December 19th - added /cafe & /enchant command for C-E blockers
December 18th - added Citizen mine with help of Claire
December 18th - added new announcement "Saying the Guards are bad will not increase your chances of getting accepted as one." geared towards some certain individuals.
December 17th - added Christmas announcement to clarify rank renames
December 17th - fixed guard drops
December 16th - added change log
December 16th - added announcement for new changelog
December 16th - update donation shop
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