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MCP In Game Rules
« on: January 03, 2014, 01:13:17 AM »
*All Of These Things Can Get You Either: Jailed, Kicked Or Temp Banned*

1. Do not show any contraband items. These items include:

  • Swords
  • Bows
  • Negative splash potions
  • Chainmail
  • Drugs
  • Special PvP Items (Shotgun, Throwable Bricks, Disk Launcher, Silas Sythe, etc..)
If a guard sees you with these items, he or she will ask for the item, if you do not give the item, you will be jailed. If the item is not actually contraband (i.e. a stick, dye, horse armor) the guard will check first and then give the items back.

2. Do not PvP Abuse. PvP Abuse is when you hit someone or are hit by someone and run into a no PvP zone. If you continue to do this and a guard sees, you will be jailed.

3. Do not grief the tree farms and mines on the server. If you are caught placing blocks in the mines or tree farm like lava, fire, or other harming blocks, you will be banned. Also, do not break the saplings in the tree farm. This, like placing aforementioned blocks, will get you banned.

4. Do not continuously PvP. If you die and go straight back to PvPing too many times in a short period, you will be jailed by a guard.

5. Do not interfere with any guard duties. If you do so, you will be jailed for however long the guard sees fit.

6. Do not under any circumstances attempt to convince a new player to remove pvp timer when you have the intention of killing them. Doing this will result in a temporary ban.

7. Do not under any circumstances attempt to convince a new player to type "/suicide" or "/kill". Doing this will result in a temporary ban.

8. Plot owners are responsible for their plots. You are liable for what a member does/builds on it.

9. Auto fishers are banned. Punishment for using one is usually a 1 day ban and $50,000 fine.

10. Using special items against players in safezones is forbidden and punishable. Items such as Taser, Jarder, Pocket Sand, etc. This does not include the use of lava buckets/flint and steel on plots.

11. No PvPing and running/teleporting away. Doing so may result in you being jailed. If you do this a guard may call "hit and run" and jail for 5-10 minutes. The definition for hit and run is 50-100 blocks away from the site of PvP. Keep in mind this is to prevent players who hit and run excessively, avoid jailing players who are simply tactically retreating to allies etc.

12. It is forbidden to have items that are not legitimate in the eyes of the server economy. Items in this category obtained through glitches, staff, or other players should be reported immediately. An example of these items are Power VII Marksman bows, A sharp 7 diamond sword, or  special event items. Items such as warden axes or simply renamed harmless items are fine.

13. Ignoring the automatic afk kick via use of macros or afk pools is forbidden.

14. No Scamming other players. IE promising to sell an item then not giving it is scamming. Intercepting an item thrown is not scamming it is stealing. Long term deals are not covered for scamming, only instant transactions are.

15. Using exploits or loopholes to kill players or gain an advantage on any aspect of the server is forbidden.
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