Polardog11's Moderator Application
IGN: Polardog11
Age (as of now): 23
Timezone: CST
How Long Have You Played On MCP? Since 2015
What is your current playtime on the server? (/playtime) 135 hours
Have You Ever Been: Banned, Muted, Kicked? Never
If You Have Been, Why, And For How Long? N/A
When can you play on MCP? M-Thurs after 4pm and F-Sun anytime
What is your rank on the server? Regal
Why Should We Pick You To Be Our Next Moderator? I like so many others essentially grew up on MCP, spending most of my time on the server as part of the guards. Learning, growing, and rising through the ranks, eventually reaching Sr. Guard. During my time as part of the guards I would frequently find myself alone as the sole online staff member, and I found I truly enjoyed the moderation aspect of the Sr. Guard role. Welcoming new players, showing them around, running an event, or simply just being a friend. I would strive to give the warm and welcoming feeling I myself enjoyed on my first days on the server. 
Deciding to turn in my taser and cuffs was one of the hardest decisions I have made, but I could not in good faith continue to hold my title as Sr. Guard while knowing deep down that I was not able to give 100%. I longed for the day I could return to this great community, and I have found a time in my life where I am beginning to settle down and have time and commitment for the things I love.

What will you expect to see from me as a moderator? You will get an experienced, active, kind, fair, and reliable moderator who will never stop aiming to improve. I will strive to give everyone the same great experience I once had.
I would like the opportunity to get back to what I know best and contribute all I can to the community I love most. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my application for Moderator.

Additional Information: Tiss but a scratch


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Where do I even start?

Polars been such a longtime player, a very respectful and well respected player, never had any issues with this guy. His dedication for wanting to share his friendly experiences is what we need, love this guy tons, he is definitely put his heart into this app, I fully support Polar <3


Or however many I can put to show my support


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