MCP Guarding "Unwritten" Rules
These are rules that are not written anywhere or elaborate on already written rules, this list was made by myself and a variety of other guards in 2020. Some of these are also just clarifications and guidelines for certain scenarios you hopefully never have to find yourself in as a guard. These clarifications are from years of forums post, PM'ing Silas, and guarding experience.

You may jail a player for banking, this happens when a player is clearly accessing a virtual chest or enderchest, either on a plot, in a bank, or a virtual pocket item, to get rid of or swap contraband. You may only jail for this if you are calling for an item or about to call for an item, try to avoid jailing players that are acquiring more items from chest on their plots, this is the guard’s discretion

If a player has enough time to safezone and warp away before you start calling for their contraband you may no longer call for that player’s contraband but may still give a pvp warning. If you begin counting down and before they warp away you may jail for evading, 5 minutes. This situation also applies during mass riots, if multiple people are attacking you and they all teleport away throughout the riot or disperse you may only call the contraband of the last ones to safezone assuming they haven’t warped away and follow all other calling rules. If you lose line of sight for an extended period of time, generally 30 seconds or enough time for the player to warp away, you may still give a pvp warning if you no longer know where they are but you cannot call for contraband.

If you get knocked into an area where you can no longer fight, i.e. an empty plot that has a basement and you cannot get out, you are to give the rioters a pvp warning and call for their contraband, it is up to the player to throw the contraband into the area where the guard can reach it

You should only call for contraband if you are not actively engaging in a large scale riot, however calling contraband once you are no longer being engaged is fine

Guards should not patrol in disguises but are allowed to do so in mega plots and events

If a player is holding contraband in an area where you cannot reach you should give adequate time for the player to either warp or come out of said area to give you the contraband, if a player runs into an area in the middle of a riot and a guard cannot reach that area (Player runs into b-block but you’re only a C-guard) you may give them a pvp warning and start calling for their contraband as normal, the player should drop their contraband in reach of the guard, if not you may still jail them

If a player intentionally or accidentally clicks a warp sign you may give the player a pvp warning and you can call for their contraband, it is up to the guard to give the player adequate time to give up their contraband, if a guard accidentally hits one of these signs during a riot they cannot call a pvp warning and they cannot call for contraband that took place in the riot prior to warping

A guard may attack a player if the player pocket sands the guard or another player, rods the guard or another player, or uses a special crate item on another player that affect them in a negative way. However this is the guard’s choice

Guards may sell, trade, and buy contraband only from other guards

Guards are not encouraged to grind other guards on alt accounts

If you hit a player into a safezone give the player time to exit the safe zone before giving them a pvp warning, however if the player starts eats a gapple, consumes drugs or potions, or uses the safe zone in any way, shape, or form to gain an advantage you may still give them a pvp advantage. Generally they should be right back in and out while constantly making an effort to leave the safezone. Pvp warnings should only be given if the player stays inside the safe zone for more than a second without constantly making an effort to escape or if they use it to gain an advantage. If a player is hit into the safezone and they make it out without you giving them a pvp warning you do not have to wait for them to hit you back before you continue fighting.

You may call for custom crate items if they are not already contraband (swords, bows, etc are already contraband when a stick, blaze powder, or water bucket are not) but only if they are used in pvp. You would call for a custom crate sword as you would a normal sword.

If a player uses an item that hides their nametag but you still are able to keep track of the players name you may call them and treat them as normal, however you may only call for contraband if you actually see it, so if you do not see their sword you cannot call it, however if you do see them shoot arrows then you may call them for a bow, etc.

If you see arrows coming from a player’s direction and you can confirm without a doubt that player is the only one in that area you can call for their bow without directly seeing it. (Ex: You see someone in the parkour claim area above C and they are the only ones up there and you see arrows coming from up there, you can call for that person’s bow, same with walls, plots, etc)

Guards may jail players for item/inventory bombing, this is defined as players filling their inventories with items and then purposely dying either through punching another player or killing themselves with the intention of filling up another player’s inventory, 10-minute jail after 1 warning.


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