PsyChNOdelic's Ban Appeal
IGN: PsyChNOdelic

Who banned you?
 Whoever banned me never signed the ban and the MCBans link is not working.

When were you banned? (Time/Date) 06/22/2024 approx 6:30PM EST

Why were you banned?

Are you at fault?
Yeah, I did use the bot, so I get why I was banned.

What was your rank on MCP?

Why should we unban you?
While I understand that my use of the automining bot was against the
rules, I believe that a permanent ban might be a bit excessive given the circumstances. The server averages around two players per day, which diminishes the community-driven aspect that is fundamental to the server’s ethos. My intention was never to disrupt or harm the community, but rather to enhance my gameplay experience. I fully accept responsibility for my actions and kindly request that the ban be reconsidered and possibly reduced to a temporary suspension or another form of penalty that reflects the infraction more proportionately. I am committed to adhering to the server rules moving forward and contributing positively to the community.

Were you fined and do you think you deserve reimbursement?
Nope, I wasn't fined. I don't need any reimbursement.

Additional info: If it helps at all, I'd like to point out that XRay usually implies the use of a client. while this bot does come with most clients, I'd like it to be known I was only using the standalone version of the bot itself. No hacked clients were involved.

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