MCP Approved Mods/Macros
Several Mods are approved on CDGS:
  • Rei's Minimap/Similar Minimap Mods are allowed but player location features must be disabled.
  • Optifine
  • MC Patcher/Other mods which allow HD texture packs
  • Macros mods assuming the rules are met (rulesbelow)
  • HUD mods with a few exceptions. No health indicator, Sign Reader, Mob info, Horse info, Distance, Breed Indicator, Item Pickup, or any other setting which gives a direct advantage. If your mod has these features but they cannot be disabled then do not use the mod.
If you have a Mod not on this list feel free to ask a staff member and we may approve it.

Macros are allowed but they have some rules:
  • No rapid clicking macros of any sort
  • Warp macros are allowed as long as they are not abused in PvP



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