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Staff Applications / Re: pointlessbob's Head-Guard Application
« on: April 04, 2022, 01:31:56 AM »

Staff Reports / Re: Mit buying drugs
« on: April 03, 2022, 05:27:21 PM »
What other choice does a striking man have but to take the drug pandemic into his own hands and buy the product to keep it off the streets

Staff Reports / Re: ItsKelinu
« on: April 03, 2022, 01:52:51 PM »
@Silas Your guards also dropping f-bombs in chat

Staff Reports / ItsKelinu
« on: April 03, 2022, 12:45:44 PM »
Your IGN: Mitsuo_Wolfblood
Abuser?s IGN: ItsKelinu
Abuser?s rank: A-Guard, Rat, Sellout.
What the abuser was doing: Jailing for standing in C-Block
When this happened: (Include date and timezone) 2:45ish CST
Proof: (insert an image or video here)

Additional info: From the first screenshot I never started pvping, I had just returned from my plot after giving a new player some armor to keep himself safe, I come to C walk out into pvp am attacked. After stepping back into safezone Kelinu states "why dont i just jail him". After being instantly jailed the second time I am released and do /plots as soon as I leave. Kelinu runs from the parkour to the C spawn and handcuffs me mid-teleport. I understand the current political climate over the striking guards. I'm fine with the KOS, I don't mind it. However when I am simply standing in C-Block PEACEFULLY protesting for the guard strike I shouldn't be jailed over, and over, and over, and over again. I should not have to get on an alt to avoid being harassed by some rat of a Guard. If I go out into pvp it's a different story. If this is how the guards are encouraged to behave then it's a sad day in MCP History. 

Update the following day: We kill both online guards, as I am "KOS" I'm standing in the middle of c-block Kelinu respawns and jails for pvp abuse. At this point it has nothing to do with the strike, and it's just clear abusing his perms. He's even gone to the point of abusing alt accounts of both myself and Jay, knocking people into pvp zone and calling for pvp. Jailing after he's done it three times despite running out immediately.

"Just end the strike" This has nothing to do with the strike at this point and is 100% about him abusing his perms. Considering how he stopped jailing me while Geonat was online yesterday he obviously knows it's abuse of perms.

Off Topic / Guard Union: The Updates
« on: April 01, 2022, 08:57:32 PM »

In our last report of the Guard Union, we were pleased to report that they were continuing their peaceful strike. However, as we have witnessed mere hours ago that is no longer the case. After ItsKelinu was bought off to return to his Guarding Duties by _Bombsquad_ the remaining strikers have instead decided to fight against the newly selected Guards, MondoChief and Tymbaroth, claiming while not guards at the beginning of the strike by not only applying, but accepting the position is a slap in the face of what the Union is hoping to achieve. We reached out to Mitsuo_Wolfblood after the first initial Guard kills were confirmed by our field reporters for his statement:

“In our last response to the tyranny happening to the Guards Union we called for our pleas to be heard. They fell upon deaf ears. Instead the Big Suit decides to fine our lovely Union members even more, 22x $5,000. Giving another deadline of 01-04-2022. When the deadline came and went the Union members were fined, removed from the faction, and their kits removed. Now donning a light red tag the Union members still continue to strike, the new deadline being 05-04-2022.

Former Union member ItsKelinu was paid off by _Bombsquad_ to leave the strike and return to his guarding duties. Leaving the remaining Guards Union members, myself and Jaymahzah, to fend for our own, we all have families to feed, and roofs to keep over our heads.

On top of Kelinu selling out, the two new guards that were selected earlier, MondoChief, and Tymbaroth side with those that sit at their desk and only allow the Guards crumbs from their sandwich. A Guard Union is needed now more than ever.

Yes, we have taken to new extremes. Yes some may think attacking those we would normally fight side by side with is too far. Those we would spill our own blood for, give the shirt off our back for. The current guards however? Those that turn their back on the pleas of their fellow man, attempting to bring better support to not only them but their families is the real betrayal.

Silas_Bowen now claims April 4th is the next deadline. He has sent his own personal hounds after those in the strike in attempts to bribe us. Force us to walk away with nothing but a few peanuts from their left over lunch. We continue to say NO. We will not bend our knees. We will continue our strike until our voices are heard, and change is taken.”

We were able to follow up with Union member Mitsuo_Wolfblood after the riots on the Unions demands;

“The demands have changed slightly, while we still demand better guarding gear and better pay after many long discussions we have decided to drop Plot Inspections, Set homes, and player items removed. They were demands from the snake Kelinu and don’t follow what we had hoped to achieve when forming the Guard Union.”

While the content may be graphic for some users, MCP Alert was able to get footage from a few moments during the riots against the new Guards. Viewer Discretion is advised.

“The Firing Squad”

Staff Applications / Re: DaddyMuhammed's Guard Application.
« on: March 31, 2022, 04:37:38 PM »


Off Topic / Guards on Strike: An Update
« on: March 31, 2022, 02:33:52 PM »
This past Wednesday MCP Alert broke major news in reporting that the Guard Faction has gone on strike, releasing a list of demands to be met before they would be returning to work. Hours after the story broke Silas_Bowen, the Owner, responded in the #Announcements channel of the discord stating the following;

“@Guard consider this official notice that CDGS expects you to get back to work. All guards entered a contract of performing their duties (as listed in guard rules) when applying & accepting the job. MCP employment for guards has always been at will, any staff may resign or be terminated at any point for any reason. Guards cannot just cease doing their jobs on a whim lead by some faceless rabble rouser. The wardens will not hear any demands from guards as all they are qualified to do is collect wood swords in the tree farm. If guards have not resumed doing their duties by 17:00 March 31st they will be fined $5,000 (the amount they claim is so little) every hour with potential for increase until duties are resumed. If the strike does not cease following the deadline CDGS may look for alternate enforcement contractors.”

While the Guard Strike has been peaceful up till this point, with the threat of fines coming from the man upstairs we are unsure if the Guards will continue their peaceful strike. We reached out to the faction earlier today asking for their response to Silas_Bowen’s threats towards their jobs.

ItsKelinu: “I would like to see changes made, at the end of the day Guards are not people that should just be rag dolled around. At their current state there is zero appreciation shown towards Guards and what they do for the server in terms of keeping players safe while they go about their daily lives. With Silas_Bowen’s response instead of being open to listening to the complaints from Guards he jumped straight into threats.”

Jaymahzah: “We are not complaining about the work. We want to see our hard work reflected in our pay.”

Mitsuo_Wolfblood: “The Guards and higher staff should be working together. Instead the suits upstairs sit back with their feet kicked up, music on full blast to drown out the cries of the little man. The strike was not started ‘on a whim’. We are not ‘lead by some faceless rabble rouser’ the face of this strike is the face of each and every guard on the server.The Guards have Unionized and our demands will be heard.”

With the 17:00 deadline quickly approaching the Guards have stood strong on their demands and continue to refuse to return to their duties. This is the first time to my knowledge the Guards have attempted to Unionize, however as they say, history is written by the victor.

It was also reported to us early Thursday morning that an Anonymous rich benefactor has pledged $250,000 the any levied guard fines as long as by the end of the strike some or all of the demands have been met. Stating the strike shall not be in vain.


Another Anonymous source has pledged $2,000,000 to also cover fines given to the Guards while on strike.

Off Topic / MCP Alert Breaking News
« on: March 30, 2022, 06:35:49 PM »


Welcome to MCP Alert, I'm your host Killer Mitstarr, and wasting no time lets get riiiiiight into the news!

Guards Go On Strike:

The Guard Faction has recently announced that they are officially going on strike, and forming a Union. We reached out to speak to the members earlier today after their announcement in regards to their demands.

1.) Better guarding gear, the current gear issued to guards simply doesn't cut it in a drug infested world where any John, Dick, and Jerry, can buy Cocaine off any street corner of Courtyard. Neither does a Sharp III sword stand up against anything that a normal player will be using to smack around the guards. Guards should not be easy to kill, and they should be a challenge. However in exchange their drops should be buffed to match the better gear and better buffs. In addition to better gear Guards demand better buffs, permanent Res 2 for example, as Res 1 simply doesn't cut it when put against drugs.

2.) Better wages. Currently guards fall far behind in the MCP Economy due to the fact that the paychecks just don't pay the bills. As it currently stands C-Guards only make 5000$. When compared to other aspects of the server 5k is not enough to support a Guard attempting to feed his family, fund his housing, or buy tazers or arrows that are not supplied upon respawns. In addition to better wages Guards also demand paid time off, not simply during Admin Events. Allowing them to do other things outside of standing around in C-Block or Courtyard.

3.) The ability to conduct Plot/Cell Inspections. The drug trade has been running rampent on MCP and in plain sight. Multiple shops selling various drugs right in courtyard, leaving guards no way to stop this. Guards are not allowed in the Black Market, where one would expect to find drugs, but when it's sold in Courtyard, Guards can't do anything about it. The demand is for a Warden to step up in assisting guards in raiding plots and seizing the drugs inside. Those players being raided can attempt to fight back, and if the guards assisting the Warden die their shops can stay standing for X amount of time.

4.) Revised and Renewed Official Guard Rules.

5.) At least 1 Set home as a Guard.

6.) The following items to be removed from players and destroyed;

   Pointlessbob: Pointy Axe, Pointy Bow, and Cactus Helmet.
   Dragon1240: Dragons Lisp (Both In-Game and in Real Life)
Guards made their demands public earlier today, and are refusing to do their duties until demands are met. As of this writing there has been no official response from Silas_Bowen, nor an offical action taken against the new Guard Union. However in the closing statements, they said while they didn't expect for all demands to be met they do expect for changes to be made and appreciation for their guarding efforts.

Suggestions / #UpdateBlockShopOrBust
« on: March 29, 2022, 10:25:31 AM »
1. Is your idea logical? Yes

2. Could it be done easily? Yes

3. Has something like it been done before? Yee

4. Has this idea been suggested before? According to forums search function, no.

It is by far time to update the blockshop. It's out of date and should offer some better options.

Exhibit A:,5369.msg31751.html#msg31751

There's no reason for blockshop to NOT offer the new concrete powder and concrete blocks  or the Glazed blocks. Blockshop already offers all Terracotta colors, along with wool colors. Including all colors of Glass blocks and Glass panes. Blockshop also offers some of the harder blocks such as Mossy Stone bricks and Cracked stone bricks and Chiseled Stone Bricks. Chiseled Sandstone, and All three versions and Red Sandstone.  It also offers all redstone options, from trapped chests, to sticky pistons, to Redstone lamps. Rails to Redstone Rails. Even the Ocean monument blocks like Dark Prismarine and Sea Lanterns.

There's no reason not to include the concrete colors in both hard concrete and powder forms along with Glazed terracotta. "But there should still be a grind yadda yadda yadda" If the issue was wanting players to grind for the blocks they want to use block shop shouldn't be an option to begin with.

Bug Reports / Re: no knockback, weird bow reset glitch
« on: March 27, 2022, 09:47:49 AM »
A lot of things seem to be causing lag after the new anti-cheat was added, mining lag, lagging back after warping to a new area, more invis blocks than ever gapples taking 9-10 attempts to eat just one etc

After a second fight against point took even more attempts to eat a single gold apple.

Add on from events: Kicked during Spleef for "failing fast click" gtfo

Bug Reports / "Game breaking bug"
« on: March 26, 2022, 03:06:55 AM »
What is the bug: Pig Spawners in Baron don't spawn anything
Where is this bug located: Baron Pig Farm
How can we recreate it: Stand around in the Baron Pig Farm
What is your client version: 1.12.2

This is a game breaking bug, how will Barons be able to grind for their porkchops now?

Off Topic / MCP Alert Weekly News
« on: March 25, 2022, 05:33:13 PM »

"Currently Not Denied, Status Pending Temporarily"

Was a phrase uttered by newly returned Warden Geonat on March 22nd, 2022, on long-time MCP player Cpt_PandaPantz’s moderator application. Cpt_PandaPantz joins 8 other moderator “candidates” since the reset. You may have noticed candidates in quotations because currently active MCP Owner Silas stated in the shoutbox on March 16th “We have no intention of accepting moderators right now”. Five of those applications were submitted before the statement by Silas was published.

Of the ones that came after his statement, two of them were new mod apps written less than two weeks from each members’ original mod app. These two players are ARL_Badger and DragonApex. Of the two remaining, one was written by LordKillgoree, a known member of the MCP community. When asked why she would post an app just 4 days after it was stated mods were not being hired, her response on MCP was, “is he not accepting mods atm?” and, “im not really on the discord so I didn’t see it”. An applicant for a staff position that does not pay attention to forms of player communication? Not surprising.

The second applicant includes previous MCP mod Cpt_PandaPantz who has recently returned to MCP. The anonymous article writer has been threatened by Cpt_PandaPantz’s power in the past, when Panda threatened to ban the article writer when Panda failed to follow the correct format for player shops and ended up selling large quantities of golden apples for pennies per stack. Panda accused this player of scamming, and while this player didn’t cave into the overarching mod’s demands, the writer still feels that Panda is unfit for mod for trying to abuse power and threaten a new (at the time) player. This is not the first time Cpt_PandaPantz has been accused of overstepping her boundaries in the Moderator position. She, along with former Sr. Mod LittleLea, were both accused of overstepping in “The Shitshow of the 25th of June.” After threatening to ban a player who wrongfully received money from a trade and wouldn’t return it.

Though it appears Geo believes differently; Is he planning on accepting Panda when it has been made quite clear mods aren’t being accepted? Does Geo believe Panda is the mod we need? We players of MCP generally agree mods can be necessary to the proper functioning of the server, but is Panda of all people really the best candidate? Silas responded, “no comment” when asked what he thought about Warden Geonat writing that on Panda’s mod app while almost exclusively denying all other mod apps. Is there something behind the scenes going on that we do not know about? Could it have to do with the fact that Panda has donated multiple times in the short time she’s been back? Is there a secret aspiring relationship between Geo and Panda? Or is Geonat just trying to start drama as he’s similarly done recently? Only time will tell about the happenings of the infamous MCP staff.

-Sent In From An Anonymous Writer

Mega Plots Park:

With the Mega World starting to grow with Baron Ranked players on the hill have been calling for the area in the middle of the plots to be renovated into a park instead of the current overgrown mess that stands there currently. The three that live on the hill, zs471, DragonApex23, and Mitsuo_Wolfblood have gathered together in calling for the Wardens to take better care of the Mega Plot world, stating that they’ve paid good money to live there and it shouldn’t be overgrown with trees and tall grass. As of this writing the ball is in the Cities court.

Dogtag Interview:

I'm glad you have taken the time out of your day in order to sit with us and answer some questions. MCP Alert and you haven't had the best of relationships but hopefully this interview will allow us to move past that. As this is your first time with us I'd like to welcome you to the MCP Alert Interview Room Dogtag, how are you doing today?

I'm doing fine this Sunday afternoon. I want to apologize for taking so long to make this interview; I've been extremely busy.

As someone who's "made it to the top" how have you kept yourself involved with the community?

As of late, probably not that well. The server was pretty ghostly before the reset. Most likely because we announced the v7 project early and never was able to deliver. The map is 99% done but the back end stuff that I don't know how to set up is where the problems lay.

Outside of keeping yourself involved with the player base how have you kept your motivation to continue playing the server all this time?

The community and network of friends really. Times in the world are worrying but something about jumping on MCP helps melt that away; It also helps after a long day of factory work.

In a past interview with the renowned, decorated Zs471, we asked how he felt MCP had developed in terms of creating friendships and bringing the players together. Do you think MCP still does a good job in bringing all these different players together and form lasting bonds? Are there players you have met and continue to play with outside of the server?

Currently I believe MCP maintains bonds between so many people who are old time players of MCP. However I don't see too many newer players who stick around anymore. That could be because I'm not making friends with them or they just don't stick around I don't know. Perhaps things will change now that Geonat is Warden once again. I can only hope for the best. I've been able to maintain a pretty constant friendship with a couple of players outside of MCP. Most notably Lordkillgoree, Pingu, Girlsrock, Cinna, Poophead & SuperSilly.

We asked earlier how you've kept yourself involved, what do you consider your favorite group project that's been done on the server? Are there any projects you felt fell through and could have been done better?

Uhm... Probably the picture framed rules in /info. It is terrible and should be removed or done better.

You've obviously talked to the higher powers of the server, breaking the fourth wall here hello Silas, what are your thoughts on how things are handled behind the scenes? Any improvements you could publicly state could be or should be improved to make MCP Great Again?

Well, I can't say I was around for MCP's hay days so in terms of what I think makes MCP great vs what the long-time player base thinks is great are two different things. I did ask a lot of players' opinions and tried to find a balance when creating the v7 project. Hit registration I think is a big issue Silas should take a more serious look at. PvP is probably the most essential part of a prison server and there have been probably 4 versions of v6 where people complain endlessly about it, I was hoping the v7 project could change at.

Are there any additions you would personally "LOVE" to bring into the server? Or do you feel your time on the server is in the past and you're ready to move on to things outside of the server? Hanging up your "Boots" in a way.

The v7 Project on 1.14.4 if the players like the map, and if they don't I can always change it. I also wanted to add custom items textures to all MCP related items. I have the majority of them textured but unless the version is 1.14 or above it won't happen. The resource pack would include things for factions and pvp, mostly cosmetic. I will still be around but I have a lot of things irl to deal with so I won't be incredibly active like I once was. I will still always be in reach on discord or other media.

War on Drugs:

Recently there has been an epidemic on the server regarding the use of drugs. A simple stroll through the courtyard slums will paint a large picture of the story. Multiple prisoners openly selling drugs to other prisoners. Despite numerous complaints from both inmates and Guards the city, Wardens, still haven’t taken any action against these players. No shops destroyed, no fines handed out. Nothing.

One would begin to ask why there is a black market if no players are using it to sell their contraband. There’s no downside to openly and brazenly selling their drugs to the general public, hooking newly joined C-Blockers on their drugs and never letting them go. Something serious should be done and these drug manufacturers and sellers should be punished and forced back into the black market where they belong. Fines should be handed out, shops should be destroyed, and the ones who are pushing this disgusting stuff onto the streets of MCP should be jailed.


MCP Alert Makes Announcements And More!!

Last week's edition of MCP Alert was honored with being posted in the #Announcements section of the Discord. Thank you to everyone who has continued to read the weekly server news.

Continuing to grow MCP Alert, we have begun to consider a “preview” subscription of MCP Alert that would go out to all Newsletter subscribers that buy the subscription. A price hasn’t been decided yet however should enough people be interested in buying it the subscription service will be up by next week's issue.

Along with the MCP Alert Subscription as seen last week we have begun to advertise player shops around the server for a fee and will begin to accept sponsorships from players who wish to continue advertisement for a set amount of time, this includes a small advertisement in each weeks newsletter if you are interested please contact Mitsuo_Wolfblood in-game for further information.

Staff News:

With the continued influx of Moderator applications there have been a handful of Guard applications, the standout of which has been Hypogre’s Guard Application;,6331.0.html

However others have submitted applications for the position. MondoChief, Mayobagel, and DaddyMuhammed. While all players have a chance of getting guard one players chances may have been shot down after returning Warden, Geonat, called Mayobagel out in the application for inactivity and a confirmed* use of an autoclicker.

“This is not likely to happen anymore due to inactivity, also confirmed use of autoclicker”

The hopeful Guard applicant soon responded back however stating while he agreed with the inactivity comment he wanted to know more about the “confirmed” use of autoclicker. When pressed on the issue he stated those who had accused him were simply wrong and he was in fact “Jitter clicking”

*Sources have not been fact checked and we were unable to reach the Warden for any further statements.

MondoChief Discord Token Shop:

This past week a new shop has popped up on the server buying Discord Tokens. 21000$ per token is more than a fair deal. However, the Discord plugin was down for the past day due to Silas error according to plugin Dev Ryan10000. The issue has been resolved and discord tokens are once more rolling into the server. While we don’t know how long this shop will be up and active, we can tell you that if you are interested in selling your tokens to do it now and earn some money! Located on the Corner plot of Courtyard outside of C-Block.

Suggestions / Boss Arena
« on: March 25, 2022, 05:03:10 PM »
1. Is your idea logical? Yes
2. Could it be done easily? Yes @Geonat
3. Has something like it been done before? Nope
4. Has this idea been suggested before? Probably not

Idea: Remove the grass and flowers from the Boss Arena, when fighting the smaller mobs it makes them extremely difficult to actually hit, the difficulty should not be in fighting the grass but the bosses themselves.

Staff Applications / Re: ARL_Badger's Moderator Application
« on: March 23, 2022, 01:52:06 PM »
LaughNgamez [16|Mar 04:15 PM]:   We have no intention of accepting moderators right now

LaughNgamez [16|Mar 04:15 PM]:   We have no intention of accepting moderators right now

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