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Suggestions / Re: Donor Mine Iron
« on: December 22, 2018, 05:04:49 AM »
cause it was a bad idea?

Actually wasn't a bad idea to everyone (I would prefer iron to gold trash) just probably not inline with the servers eco etc..

Suggestions / Re: Christmas Suggestion
« on: December 21, 2018, 12:30:33 AM »
Wasn't that already a thing last year that presents got scattered when someone donates?

Network Ban Appeal / Re: Eve Ban Appeal
« on: December 02, 2018, 05:02:47 PM »
I don't think the rules around racism, racial slurs/terms or anything that might be deemed racist are vague at all.

You said Negro which could be offensive even if you was just quoting a vine.
You are an experienced player who knows full well rules around racial terms.
It was a 1 day ban as per the current rules.

Therefore as an experienced player who used a racial term a 1 day ban seems justified to me. If not then perhaps someone should update the rules again?

Suggestions / Re: Xmas points
« on: December 01, 2018, 04:49:53 PM »
/christmas    << is also a thing

Suggestions / Usage for christmas points (and some other drivel)
« on: December 01, 2018, 01:26:46 PM »
1. Is your idea logical? Always
2. Could it be done easily? Moderately easy, I mean depends if you ate pizza and have energy to burn and time to kill (take a break from SC, your fingers must need a break)
3. Has something like it been done before? Pretty much
4. Has this idea been suggested before? Not that my 3 seconds of forum searching revealed

No spam, no porn, no bullshit. - Deal (Wont be doing that again)

Now that there are Christmas points..... if players either don't want to try win the Christmas point contest or they are too late in the game, perhaps allow them to spend the points? 

Maybe a Christmas crate could be bought at 10 Christmas points each? or a choice / random from something like below

Spoiler for Hidden:
Some other ideas for point usage (and Christmas general ideas):

Christmassy named items
Festive blocks(heads),
Limited time disguise (snowman, baby zombie) + Renamed/color armor like elf
Piece of coal
One custom Christmas item that already exists
Temp Christmas prefix
Temp Christmas Trail
Use the points to access Christmas town (ps. bring back Christmas town + reindeers)
Christmas themed memes/map packs
Custom Christmas death/kill messages
Pretty useless Christmas mine (like green/red wool) maybe add ores

Off Topic / Re: For zs
« on: November 28, 2018, 12:28:16 AM »

Bug Reports / Re: A few bugs/a slight prime
« on: November 22, 2018, 06:51:21 PM »

People in general should log-out in safezone, especially if your pc/internet doesn't allow you to load in almost instantly.

you can log out in a safe zone but could still be pushed while loading in.

Bug Reports / Re: A few bugs/a slight prime
« on: November 22, 2018, 09:04:59 AM »
One thing I have noticed is that if you use the servers texture pack this can cause a fair bit of lag/delay when logging in.

One way to avoid this problem could be to grant pvp prot/afk freeze for 10 seconds if the servers texture pack is recommended? As for any other death then obviously this would be fault of where you logged out.

Announcements / Re: November 2018 Reset!
« on: November 16, 2018, 06:52:25 PM »
Has the exp/level change been reflected on how gaining exp works/stores?

 i.e. before the change, donating for 208 lvls was enough for about 40 enchants but this is now about 4-5 enchants.

Suggestions / Re: Plots
« on: November 14, 2018, 10:10:04 AM »
megas, plots, courtyard and cells all have their place and players who want them will buy them. Each to their own but no one can state people don't want/go to these places when clearly they do (even if you personally don't). The server is just not that busy to see all these places used to their fullest capacity.

My summary is leave these areas (except costs) as it is now in terms of choice, each one serves a purpose depending on your needs,

Network Ban Appeal / Re: Lord63's Unban Appeal
« on: September 25, 2018, 12:55:11 AM »
Would say this is a little more thought-out that previous appeals, although more of a personal apology towards people rather than your banned reason(s). However good luck and maybe we will see you soon.

Suggestions / Re: Repair Sign For Non Donors!
« on: September 15, 2018, 11:14:15 AM »
There are also other ways non donors can repair without asking someone to repair for them.

Bug Reports / Re: Pocket (Items) e chest glitch
« on: September 03, 2018, 12:25:24 AM »
Usually this type of problem only happens when the item is in your off hand, was this the case?

Network Ban Appeal / Re: axeis ban appeal
« on: September 02, 2018, 11:38:13 AM »
Wrong format entirely nothing will be done. But I'm pretty sure the 1 day ban is for asking children if they are virgins.

Announcements / Re: Read the whole post before you comment
« on: August 29, 2018, 06:25:18 AM »
Like dogtag said it all depends on the direction / goals you want from the server. My personal preference is I don't want a reset on this map, this would be the 3rd time we have used this map and resets should only be for either a new map/features or the economy is really messed up that cant be fixed.

If a reset is to maintain the current dedicated / regular players and slowly attract more then a reset I feel will have little/no value and my personal view is that we will loose some of those players who have worked hard over the year/summer to get where they are. If the goal is to attract new/more players then we first need to address the issue with the majority of new players not staying on the server before any reset/changes. Is it because they see its quiet and think its dead? is there not enough content for them? are they looking for something specific? etc..

In terms of custom items, rares etc... there's still a lot of items  and armor sets etc..  that nobody has yet and are still taking forever to complete. Barely 3 people have a decent collection so I feel the balance on crate drop % are about right (if not a bit too low). Economy on the other hand needs some consideration. There definitely needs to be something to spend the money on, right now the only thing someone with a mega. cy. top rank, has available to work towards is their rare/armor collection which is fine but buying crates is limited to players who might sell the odd crate here and there.

If the server does ultimately decide on a reset, give a couple of weeks notice and a date/time when the server will reset and again what will transfer over. Players would have time to prepare for this, the server admin would have time to implement this along with getting players re-credits ready and waiting without having to ask as/when your online. And do it a few months before Christmas/Halloween because we missed being able to do a decent Christmas plot last time and no one was able to keep the Halloween items for their collection.

Some thoughts & ideas that may or may not benefit (including smaller fixes/bugs that are outstanding):

  • 1.13 never going to happen (or at least not for another year). 1.12 is achievable now with very little effort and will give a new feel to the game for some and I'm more than sure staff are ready to start helping out and testing stuff with you. And hell, even Zeedin might use some new blocks and want to work on B, Baron or even a new rank (soonTM)
  • Black market, sewer maze, megas, info room, end portal room, block shop etc.. are not advertised or mentioned so players really don't know they exist unless they see someone mention in chat. Pretty much the only thing that does get advertised is the sewer maze which gets people talking / interacting. Could be changed by adding notices around the general areas making people aware of these places, or maybe move the basic function of some of these places within the prison? or do away with them all together?
  • Bring back apartments for citizens to rent? Right now the only use of citizen primarily is the additional set home, secondary is block shop and a push the end portal for those who want to go to the end (hardly any from what I can see)
  • Enable the end portal links in the world plugin so that players can use the portals in free to get to the end
  • Apart from the sethomes baron no longer offers anything to attract players so the high price tag is something only a small few are bothered to get. So if a new rank was to be added there needs to be something to attract players to want to get it.
  • basic chat filter. While we do have staff to handle this most of the time, we could avoid some of the issues by just having a plugin that prevents certain words being said, excessive caps/spam/advertising. Yes it means some staff might not be as needed but it would reduce arguments, times when no staff are on and mean staff can dedicate to helping players instead of punishing. For this I don't see how it cannot ultimately help?
Spoiler for Hidden:
Player Said: Hey did anyone see that fantastic movie with Nicolas Cage in? Server: I'm sorry, although Nick Cage is god, the word movie is banned on this server for erm... staff dis?
  • Random lag issues (may or may not be relevant at this time?) over the year various players have expressed concerns for lag. Are players still experiencing issues? I know one or two that stopped pvp'ing a long time ago due to lag, Do they think its still a problem? same thing goes for certain areas of the prison and free world. lag during events and mine resets etc... are these client side? server underperforming / hosting to low?
  • PVP/armor balance? This still ever evolving but the current status makes guards harder to kill without teaming or being really good at pvp. Over the past 2-3 months I barely see any pvp at all. Maybe wrong time zone? or too small of player base. Armor that was once sought after and took a long time to get like, bruni, hrim etc.. apparently are worthless for pvp and hold little / no value therefore no one grinds to get the items needed. Again the dragon forge / armor are things players hardly even know about.
  • Players can no longer find alternative ways to earn money, exp or pass time ect.. players used to be able to make grinders, exp farms, villager trading but any hint of players gaining from these resulted in things getting nerfed and never coming back. This has pretty much left a lot of people taking the view that the only way to get/stay ahead is by donating for crates or having access to donator mines. People understand the server wants to be fair/balanced/non op but perhaps there's other ways to balance things without taking parts of the game away from people?
  • Mob spawns, there is something limiting on the server that prevents normal spawning/rates of mobs. This causes issues now with a small player base, if the server grows this is going to be more noticeable and problematic unless this is due to the previous point mentioned.
  • Issues with plot regions not resetting correctly/overlapping. perhaps not resetting plots could help the economy too by players buying old plots hoping to find some good items.
  • Rules rework and clarity. Right now there is ambiguity and lots of unwritten rules that always cause arguments, I feel (and lots of others) this area could be worked on to redefine these rules so that everyone is clear about things. Yes common sense/staff judgement can/should mitigate problems but it doesn't and players/staff need to have strict rules that cannot be argued with. Perhaps a post stating the rules and players can add their knowledge of the unwritten ones so these can be added to the official post?
  • Some drugs are either pointless or offer no value in making/selling. maybe rebalance the value of drugs to reward those that make them. e.g. shrooms are kinda pointless to use and offer no value in making.
  • Crate items either being craftable? e.g. bruni/hrim can be crafted, this gives purpose to shards/dragon emeralds and some useless blocks and forces players into areas of the free world and gives them something to do. A handful of players got together and spent a week or two to make/collect these pieces and it actually was fun. This would give players who really want some of this a goal/purpose.
  • If you want to give something for players to spend money on then perhaps crate items could be put into some kind of tier system for a random drop. e.g. iron crate = tier 1, diamond crate = tier 2, multitool = teir 3. Then offer players the ability to buy a tiered crate/drop for ig $. e.g. tier 1 drop = 100k, tier 2 drop $300k, tier 3 drop $1mil.
  • If there's no scope for a new rank, then maybe allow players to buy perks with ig $, e.g. another sethome for $5mil, 1 day temp donator for $250k, temp access to a secret rank/area with a unique shop/mine/features.
  • Rework rewards for maze/parkours. have signs to tell players about rewards for completing.
  • Add new events / bring back some of the old events. Rather than removing existing ones, perhaps have a random selection of events queued and in a random order.
  • Add an event randomly throughout the day this could reward players being on not just for event times which seems to be the only time most players get on.
  • Rework mine schematics / flags to fix issues with block placing/breaking and prevent abusing into areas like the top of prison.
  • Add/fix easter eggs
  • Bring back the door code/secret.......
  • Miners maze? old one or I can build a new super difficult one if it will get added? (and it will be even more difficult than the last one)
  • Player command to check cooldowns on things like parkours, mazes etc...
  • Player command to check exp level
  • Charge ig $ or specific rank for plot protection and allow players to toggle this themselves.
  • Buy height/basement, block limits etc.. with ig $, this allows players who cant necessarily donate to still be able to compete with other players. In fact offer this for almost all donation items even if its a very high/balanced cost. This is especially important if donations ever have to stop.
  • Admin events like challenges, quests, pvp, etc..
  • Make fighting the dragon harder? reset the end crystals/towers when summoning the dragon. maybe offset this by requiring less shards and/or give better rewards?
  • Block the end credit portal so you don't go to the end credits if you fall in
  • Prevent bosses despawning if you die/no one in the area for a limited amount of time, disable the death announcements so no one goes to steal your stuff / get the kill. Some people don't even know they can fight bosses (again advertise these little know areas)
  • Make changes to all custom items / special abilities so they honour regions and pvp protection etc..
  • Add flag to player to check pvp toggle status and use this to set players pvp status when moving between worlds that allow this.
  • change last countdown notification on events to say 20seconds as 10 seconds leaves players no time to teleport and then get in the event. Or reduce the teleport wait for warps to 5 seconds.
  • Fix sell /hand/all signs so that custom items cannot be sold?
  • Allow players to purchase sell hand/all for a cost like disposals, vchests signs.
  • Reason to fight guards?
  • Allow 1.13 clients to connect
  • Add more sellable items like pumpkin, chorus, cactus, seeds, all logs ? work out a balance so its not op but allows players other means of making money (along with bringing back nerfed ways)
  • Prevent sickles from turning grass/dirt into hoed/farmland
  • Friendly pvp arena / world where you can fight but you either don't lose anything e.g. temp keep exp, inv etc.. or you don't go into the world with anything and can choose some kits to use for fighting, this could be a world where its multiple rooms and the moment two people enter no more can enter and similar have teams rooms etc.. This would actually be useful for those who don't pvp or want to loose items not everyone cares for pvp but maybe want to try. and those that want to measure their.... egos
  • Introduce rush pvp as some kind of event part of this server?
  • Players who have custom donation items should be give the 40-50 crates of the crate where the item is for each custom item they have, regardless of how long ago it was

ok I should probably do some real work now (well Netflix and drinking tea and pretending like I'm working) Looking forward to seeing more peoples suggestions and see if this truly can be the community driven game server. Now is everyone's time to have a say on what they want the server to be.

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